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History Story Essay

1548 words - 7 pages

A Family on the Outside.

By: Estefania Calvet
May 18, 2013.
World Civilization History
Professor Happel

One day on a beautiful mountaintop on the Greek mountains was a Young lady crying for help. She was trying to get to the nearest town, the first one she could find. She needed help as soon as possible. She had pain starting from her back, through her stomach, and into her pelvis. She was all wet, and cold and her pain was unbearable. She was in labor. She had been dropped in the woods as she was migrating from Egypt in order to find a better life in Greece. She was on a horse with a group of migrants who were also traveling and she fell asleep and fell. She had been unconscious ...view middle of the document...

Nila could not believe, after all the trouble and days she had spent, she finally made it to Athens. Everything was ok.
Nila was worried about her husband; she was supposed to be in Athens three days ago and meet near the Cave of Schist. “I need to get to the Cave of Schist”, said Nila. “You are in no conditions to be walking” said the woman. Nila was worried by the woman’s reaction. “What is wrong with me?” Nila asked. The woman turned around and left the tent. Nila leaned forward to see the outside as the women left, all she could see was trees. She began to think, the women had told her she was in Athens, so why is she surrounded by trees. Athens is supposed to be a rich city with architectures.
Nila began tried to move in order to see what was wrong with her. She could feel no pain. The baby began to cry and Nila began to breast-feed. A man cam into the tent and began talking to Nila and explain her situation. The man seemed to be a doctor, and was the one who delivered Nila’s baby. He began telling Nila that her baby was very healthy. He explained that the fall she had suffered could have easily killed her baby, and was surprised nothing happened. Nila was at ease with the news. He then changed the subject and started to explain her circumstances. He said that her head injuries were minor, and that she had lost a lot of blood during the labor. They said that since she was asleep they had to cut her stomach and take the baby out. Nila began to cry. She had never heard of a baby being delivered this way. She immediately reached for the sheets, and threw them aside to see her stomach. There was a huge cloth wrapped around her full of blood. Nila started to hipervenalate and the women immediately hypnotized her to sleep.
Nila wakes up again, feeling well rested. Again the first thing she ask for was her baby. The baby was right net to her. At that moment she decided to name her son, Alexander that meant defending men. She knew at that moment Alexander would be left alone and he would need to be strong.
The women entered the room and saw Alexander in Nila’s arms. Both of them had their eyes closed. The woman was surprised that Nila had been asleep for so long. As the women got closer she saw that Nila was pail. When she called the doctor, the doctor knew right away Nila has passed.
The women grabbed Alexander, and Alexander began to cry. The men took Nila’s body and gave it to the women of the town to prepare if for the funeral.
The women cleaned Nila’s body and wrapped her stomach so nothing could be shown. They brushed her hair, and cleaned her as much as possible as they could. They took the brightest coin they had and placed it on her mouth which was a payment for the soul to enter the world of the dead. The next day, they had the body for viewing for people to pay their respects. Since no one really knew Nila, the viewing did not last that long. In the evening they carried Nila’s body to where it would rest forever. At the...

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