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History Paper

969 words - 4 pages

Roul Perry
American History 11
Professor: Dr. Cahill
27, January 2016

The President Who Transformed the Federal Government

The history of a man is defined by his actions and his actions by the choices that he makes. What if by our choices, we could potentially change the destiny of our lives and our country? Such was the legacy of President Theodore Roosevelt. At age 42, President Roosevelt became the youngest man to assume the U.S. presidency after the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. He became one of the world’s greatest leaders and was responsible for revolutionizing the power and authority of the presidential office. He was best known by his visionary ...view middle of the document...

Despite his charming demeanor, President Roosevelt was very aggressive in his effort to transform the conceptual views and authority of the federal government. To accomplish this, President Roosevelt used the media spotlight as leverage to gain support for his cause. In 1902, President Roosevelt urged Congress to increase the protection of land in order to secure America’s natural resources. When his effort to persuade Congress met with opposition, Present Roosevelt took his conservation crusade directly to the American people. The result led to the protection of “nearly 160 million acres” of land, including national forests, the establishment of the U.S Forestry service and most importantly, the “National Reclamation Act” which allowed him to “oversee dam and irrigation projects” in 1905, in addition to providing refuges for wildlife animals and public parks for the American people.

Another important milestone of President Roosevelt’s many achievements was his stance on foreign policies and international affairs. He believed that the United State should actively participate in world affairs to strengthen the country’s economic and global status. In 1905, He negotiated a peace agreement with Japan and Russia that ended the war and became the first American President to win “the Nobel Peace Prize”. Additionally, President Roosevelt was very instrumental in building the Panama Canal that enabled his navy troops to travel between “the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans” when needed. Although his ambition received opposition and rejection from his own political team and Congress, President Roosevelt felt that it was necessary to build this canal in order to secure future territories and treaty negotiations between Panama and Columbia. Consequently, his efforts sparked a revolution which ultimately led to Panama gaining independence from Columbia.

Additionally, President Roosevelt was also instrumental in securing the exclusive right for the United States to interfere with other countries obligation to repay their financial debts. For example, the Latin American countries that appeared financially vulnerable to European takeover due to the difficulties of repaying their financial debts,...

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