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History On War Of Drugs Essay

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The History of the War on Drugs in America

The War on Drugs here in America has been a stable talking point in politics for at least the last 30 years. And our view on how the war is being handled has been changing every year also. To understand why the current view of the War on Drugs is as it is today, one must look at the history of this war and its effects on the citizens.
At the start of the twentieth century, there weren’t any nationwide laws stating that drugs were illegal. There were some state laws that made certain drugs illegal, but those laws were mainly targeting a certain group of individuals like the anti-opium laws that were directed at Chinese immigrants. The first ...view middle of the document...

President Nixon also set up a “super agency” to handle all the aspects of drug enforcement; he created the Drug Enforcement Administration.
With the DEA created and laws punishing drug abuse, the War on Drugs came into full effect. Not only did we see a rise in the enforcement of drug laws, but also an increase in programs that tried to prevent drug abuse at an early age. The most widely known of these programs or campaigns would be Nancy Reagans “Just Say No” campaign that started in 1982 and the DARE drug education programs.
With the start of this war, the amount of people arrested for drug crimes be it distribution or even simple possession have increased dramatically. For example between 1973 and 1983 the federal prison population was around 660,800, but then just 10 years later, with more stricter laws in drug enforcement, the population doubled to 1,408,685 in 1993. This trend didn’t stop there with the population by the end of 1998 with around 1.8 million prisoners. With the latest statistics we can see that there are over 501,500 drug offenders alone in the federal prison population for just simple drug crimes in 2011, not even counting the thousands on probation and parole.
The War on Drugs has certainly left a mark on modern U.S. culture and is still continuing to this day. Though there have been a rise in people against the war, it is still considered going on strong and still doing what it has intended to do from the start. That of which is prosecute heavily people associated with drugs and drug culture.

Federal Fact Sheet
Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed: A Judicial Indictment Of War On Drugs By James Gray
Timeline of the War on Drugs

Part 2
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