History Of The Web Essay

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History of the Web

The World Wide Web, abbreviated as WWW and also known as The Web. With a web browser, you can view web pages that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate between them by using hyperlinks. Invented by Tim Berners-Lee software engineer at CERN, realized there was a need because many scientists participated in experiments at CERN for extended periods of time, then returned to their laboratories around the world. These scientists were eager to exchange data and results, but had difficulties doing so. Tim understood this need, and understood the unrealized potential of millions of computers connected together through the Internet. Wide Web in ...view middle of the document...

The World Wide Web Consortium decided that their standards must be based on royalty-free
technology, so they can be easily adopted by anyone.

By 1996 it became obvious to most publicly traded companies that a public Web presence was no longer optional. Though at first people saw mainly the possibilities of free publishing and instant worldwide information, increasing familiarity with two-way communication over the "Web" led to the possibility of direct Web-based commerce (e-commerce) and instantaneous group communications worldwide. More dotcoms, displaying products on hypertext webpages, were added into the Web.

The low interest rates in 1998 helped increase the start-up capital amounts. Although a
number of these new entrepreneurs had realistic plans and were able to sell their ideas to investors because of the novelty of the dot-com concept. The dot-com boom can be seen as similar booms of the past like the railroads in the 40s, radio in the 20s, transistor electronics in the 50s, home computers and biotechnology in the early 1980s. In 2001 the bubble burst, and many dot-com startups went out of business after burning through their venture capital and failing to become profitable.

In the aftermath of the dot-com bubble, telecommunications companies had a great deal of overcapacity as many Internet business clients went bust. That, plus ongoing investment in
local cell infrastructure kept connectivity charges low, and helping to make high-speed Internet connectivity more affordable. During this time, a handful of companies found success...

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