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History Of Ram Essay

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The price of RAM in 1983, which was 30 years ago, was around $600 at the beginning of the year. That was for 256 KB. By the beginning of the next year the price was $517. That was for 384 KB. The prices of RAM kept going up and down. By January of 1991 the price for 1024 KB was $44.50. By January of 2000 the price for 65,536 was $99.89. The price for 8,388,608 KB is $69.99 as of November of 2013. You can see where the price has gone up and down over the years.
The price of hard drives in December of 1983 was $1,895.00 for 6 MB. March of the next year for 10 MB, it was $1,699.00. The prices of the ...view middle of the document...

It will take them at least 10 years to get to where they can develop having 50 TB in one hard drive.
Then in the next 10 years, they can have a general idea of what they need to do in order to make a hard drive that can 100 TB. The hard drives would be about the same length; they would need to be a little wider and thicker. That a way the hard drive can hold all of the components that are in the hard drive, that are required for it to work properly.
Within the next ten years, I believe you will be able to buy at least 16 GB of RAM under $100. This is because you can 8 GB right now for $70. I believe and predicting that you will be able to buy 8 GB for about $30. So therefore, I am predicting that you will be able to buy at least 16 GB of RAM for about $70-$90.
You can buy 2 TB for $110 right now and I believe that it will go down soon. This is because 2 TB has gone down $90 since 2010. So therefore, in the next ten years I am predicting that you will be able to buy at least 10 TB for under $100. This is because if the developers have developed at least 50 TB within the next ten years, then the price of buying a TB has went down a lot. You would be able to buy more TB cheaper than you can right now.


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