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History Of Furnitures Essay

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HST 103
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SUBMITTED TO: Professor Afsan Chowdhury
SUBMITTED ON: 12/04/15

History of furniture and its evolution in Bangladesh
At present furniture is a part and parcel of our day to day life. A person cannot even think of a house, office or a business firm without furniture. Every person rich or poor has furniture in his house with accordance to his financial conditions. But people of the late Permian period (260-245) million years ago, Triassic period (245-2080 million years age, Jurassic period (208-140) million years ago didn’t even think of something called furniture. The eve of using ...view middle of the document...

The emperors used stairs to get up to the bed and they also had mirrors in the front side of the bed . the bed sheets were made of soft feathers of swan or soft wools. These beds are at present preserved in different museums of india and bangladesh. The nawabs of ancient Bengal were addicted to ‘hooka’ (a pot with a pipe used for smoking). They always had a side table beside them for keeping the hooka. The beds of the nawabs and zamindars were decorated with beautiful crafts and also contained marble stones in the pillars of the beds. On the other hand the common men of Bengal could not use such aristrocatic furniture. Their beds were very simple mostly made with low quality woods and contained little or very few art works. But they also had pillars on the four sides of their beds. The ancient beds used by the zamindars and nawabs can be seen in Bangladesh national museum at present. The collections of furniture from the early 19th century from lohagar jessore, nagorpur tangial , farispur gives us a real example of beds used by the people of ancient Bengal.

The emperors and the nawabs had special types of chairs called thrones. These are termed as shinghashons in bangla. The place where the emperors and nawabs used to sit and give people instructions about their works. These thrones were special types of chairs sometimes even made of gold, silver , marbel ect and beautifully decorated with arts and crafts works. There was symbols of lions on both sides of the thrones and behind the throne there were beautiful crafts work of crown. The common people didn’t have these special types of chairs they had simple chairs made of woods with few or no crafts works. These chairs are seen in museums.

Side tables:
Side tables were very commonly used furniture in ancient Bengal. The nawabs , zamindars, used to use these side tables. The coming of these side tables started with the british rule. The british used to drink wine and thus they always used these side tables to keep theirs wine bottles. After the british rule was over these side tables were used by the nawabs and zamindars to keep their hookas. Sometimes these side tables were used by the ancient people to keep beautiful decorative lamps. The use of these lamps were very common those days since torch was not invented. And electricity was very rarely got by people.
Palanquin or palki was a traditional furniture used during marriages. The event of palanquin started during the Mughal period . the wives of Mughal emperors were bought from their parents’ house to their in laws house in these plakis. These were made of dark woods. These plakis had two small doors which had small holes so that the bridge inside can see from inside. The palanquin had two long handals extended from both sides by which the palkis were carried . the palkis were not used by common people. The palkis are also not seen today but they are preserved in museums.

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