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History 454 Effects Of Castration On Men And Women

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History 454
Primary Document Analysis#2
Effects of Castration on Men and Women
David 0. Cauldwell

Wayne Nordentoft
July 2, 2015

copies of Sexology were widely read in the U.S.A. 7 In particular, the Haldeman-Julius
Big and Little Blue Books were widely available and inexpensive, and many of them

were virtual best sellers, not officially, but in terms of numbers sold. The owners of
Haldeman-Julius Publications, Emanuel Haldeman and his wife, Marcet, were both
atheists and socialists whose aim was to educate working people, and they were
strongly against censorship.


Cauldwell wrote extensively on sexual behavior, especially "deviant" sexual
behavior, and specialized in writing about transvestism, transsexuality, and
hermaphroditism. 1 ° Cauldwell's first Haldeman-Julius booklet was written in 1947 on
transvestism. It was entitled Strange Stories, ...view middle of the document...

Cauldwell stated that he wrote to fight ignorance and intolerance and his
approach was mainly tolerant. He was sympathetic towards the homosexual nurses he
worked with after his graduation and he stated that his attitude toward homosexuals


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was an open one. 12 He often described transvestism as a personality quirk, not a
sickness or disorder, therefore he felt that transvestites did not need medical
treatment. 13 However, Cauldwell viewed transsexualism as "mentally unhealthy" and
was strongly against sex transmutation surgery on both ethical and practical grounds. 14
Effects of Castration on Men and Women was written in 1947. At this time a
more liberal attitude towards sexual matters was emerging, as exemplified by the
Kinsey Reports. 15 Cauldwell's writing fitted in well with this more liberal approach. This
liberal approach was also evidenced in the work of other transvestism and
transsexualism writers of this time. These writers espoused public education and
understanding, not condemnation of transvestites and transsexuals. They advocated
self-acceptance, not cure, as a goal for transvestites and transsexuals. 16
Much of Cauldwell's published work was based on his correspondence with letter
writers asking for his advice through Sexology magazine. During his time at Sexology,
Cauldwell published over 3,000 answers to questions, and he answered thousands of
other letters personally. His contribution as a sexologist, and especially to
transgenderism, therefore, is as a popular writer dispensing information and creating a
welcoming climate in which these matters could be discussed openly.



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