Historical Report On Race

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Historical Report on Race


May 5, 2013

Historical Report on Race Paper

African American

During the mid-1500’s, European mariners started bringing African people to America as slaves. These individuals were forced in this movement from one area to another, over long distances or in large groups to be slaves. At this time slaves were traded, with that the slave trade was not new to Europe or Africa. These slaves were traded during the eighth century by Moorish merchants as merchandise throughout the Mediterranean. The West African people kept slaves. West African slaves were usually prisoners of war, criminals, or the lowest-ranked members based on their birth. ...view middle of the document...

" Those words were initially published in 1908. During that time they were written by DuBois who was pondering the future. That future is now the present, we are living it now.

Diouf (2011), the Civil Rights Movement 1941 – 1970 was meant to constrain African Americans within prejudicial boundaries. During the midpoint of the twentieth century, African Americans collectively said, “No More!” The ashes of lynch mobs, debt peonage, residential and labor discrimination, and rape, the black freedom movement raised a collective call to do something about these social and economic ravages. “We Shall Overcome” Black History in America” (2007 - 2013), says during this time period, the events in the civil rights movement allowed blacks to fully partake in the Constitutional rights that had been denied to them since the Reconstruction era.

The strides in political empowerment will help alleviate prejudicial boundaries that were enacted. Since the civil rights movement, African-Americans have made significant strides. There are now 43 black delegates in Congress (all from the Democratic Party), and the country is currently under the administration of its first African-American president, Barack Obama. African-Americans have also gained an increasingly larger presence in the entertainment, music, and professional sports industries, as well as in the business world, providing examples of achievement and excellence to black youth.

However, despite significant political achievement and notoriety in...

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