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Historical Laws And Security Essay

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Historical Laws and Security

The Code of Hammurabi was established 1750 B.C by King Hammurabi of Babylon and was discovered in 1901. This code symbolized the expression “an eye for an eye”; it contains 282 clauses concerning commerce, slavery, marriage, theft, and debts. The punishments that come along with breaking the clauses are said to be barbaric. The principles presented in the Code of Hammurabi follow the form of lex talionis---the law of retaliation.

Draco’s Law was named after and established 621 B.C by a Greek citizen as the code of law for Athens. This law was the first written law of Greece; punishment for many offenses was death. Draco’s Laws ...view middle of the document...

A basic principle of Roman law was that the law must be written and determining justice could not be left to judges alone. This seems to be the very first court system.

Justinian Code was established A.D. 529 by Justinian, emperor of Byzantium. This code inspired modern justice by forming the foundation of civil law and the English common law.

The Magna Carta was established in the year 1215 under King John. It contains 61 clauses that represent English due process.

King Edward of England established the Statue of Westminster in the year 1285. It established three practical measures focusing on the security of affected citizens including: the watch and ward, the hue and cry, and the assize of arms. This statue is the beginning of getting citizens involved in crime prevention.

Each of these laws in the foundation of security forces, private and public. An example of these would be the Statue of Westminster as a public security force having the citizens involved in keeping the society safe. Each of these laws was the stepping stones of today’s security. They brought forth the foundation of protection from their own rulers as well as from their fellow citizens. The need for both private and public security both still exist today simply because crime has not stopped. We will always need security no matter how we evolve.

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