Historical Developments Engineering Essay

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Preliminary Course Assessable Task 1
By Edward Hawkins

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Part A: Historical Developments

Materials: Salvinia Molesta Mimic
Salvinia Molesta hairs
Salvinia Molesta hairs
The Brazilian fern Salvinia molesta has proliferated around the Americas and Australia ...view middle of the document...

This pollutant would not only float, but its hydrophobic/philic properties combined with its microscopic nature would be detrimental to marine species.

Transport: Maglev Train
While maglev transportation was first proposed more than a century ago, the first commercial maglev train made its test debut in Shanghai, China, in 2002, using the train developed by German company Transrapid International. Traveling at an average speed of 267 mph (430 kmh), the 19 mile (30 km) journey takes less than 10 minutes on the maglev train as opposed to an hour-long taxi ride. The world record rail speed was recorded with a Japanese maglev train exceeding 580kph.
ERS system
ERS system
Maglev is short for magnetic levitation, which means that these trains will float over a guideway using the basic principles of magnets to replace the old steel wheel and track trains. There are 2 different systems currently used to levitate the existing trains in Germany, USA, Japan and China: ERS (Electromagnetic Suspension) and EDS (electrodynamic suspension). The major difference between the two is the use of liquid nitrogen to supercool the magnets in the EDS system. These supercooled magnetic are able to conduct and hold a current after the power supply is shut-off. This drastically reduces the large amount of electricity needed to power the systems, one of the major barriers between the concept and its global commercial use. However, where the system is implemented they have been incredibly successful, providing many commuters with a practical alternative. Unfortunately, the current models are expensive to run and maintain due to the energy and materials required, the production of both result in a large carbon-footprint, exaggerated by the systems required proximity to dense populations.

Tool Making: Computer Aided Design
Example of CAD application
Example of CAD application
Beginning in the 1980s computer-aided design programs reduced the need of draftsmen significantly, especially in small to mid-sized companies. Their affordability and ability to run on personal computers also allowed engineers to do their own drafting work, eliminating the need for entire departments. In today's world, many students in universities do not learn manual drafting techniques because they are not required to do so. The days of hand drawing for final drawings are virtually over. Universities no longer require the use of protractors and compasses to create drawings, instead there are several classes that focus on the use of CAD software. CAD has become an especially important technology within the scope of computer-aided technologies, with benefits such as lower product development costs and a greatly shortened design cycle. The accuracy, flexibility and ease of access provided by CAD technology has completely revolutionised every industry it is incorporated into and is now used to model, design and communicate any physical system to the point where it is universally...

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