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Hist Essay

283 words - 2 pages

Investigations Manual 10A Answers
1. (counterclockwise and inward) (clockwise and outward)
2. (near Earth's surface) (in the middle and upper troposphere)
3. (falls) (rises)
4. (warm) (cold)
5. (warm) (cold)
6. (southeast) (northwest)
7. (shrinks) (increases)
8. (rise) (fall)
9. (falls) (rises)
10. (falls) (rises)
11. (southeast or east) (west or northwest)
12. (southeast or south) (west or northwest)
13. (increases) (decreases)
14. (ahead of) (behind)
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(warmer and had greater) (cooler and had lower)
25. (north of the warm front) (in the warm sector between the warm and cold fronts)
(behind (west of) the cold front)
26. (north of the warm/stationary front) (north and west of the Low center)
(in both of these areas)
27. (ridge) (trough)
28. (south) (east) (north) (west)
29. (south) (east) (west)
30. (south) (east) (west)
31. (did) (did not)
32. (cold) (occluded) (stationary)
33. (1000) (1004) (1006) mb
34. (2) (3) (6) mb
35. (in a single intense squall line) (scattered in a broad band along the East Coast)
36. (were) (were not)
Current Weather Studies 10A Answers
1. (cold) (warm) (stationary)
2. (cold) (warm) (stationary)
3. (clockwise and outward) (counterclockwise and inward)
4. (southeast) (southwest) (northwest) (northeast)
5. (southeast) (southwest) (northwest) (northeast)
6. (would) (would not)
7. (warmer and had greater) (colder and had lower)
8. (warmer and had greater) (colder and had lower)
9. (ridge) (trough)
10. (north) (west) (south) (east)
11. (would) (would not)
12. (did) (did not)
13. (was) (was not)
14. (were) (were not)

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