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His/145 Fifties And Sixties Essay

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Running head: CIVIL RIGHTS IN THE SIXTIES 1 Civil Rights in the sixties Michael Crawford HIS/145 December 1, 2011 Amy Linimon Civil Rights in the sixties Civil Rights Movement: An Introduction America was a country borne out of a group of people's desire for Freedom from oppression, under the Lockean belief of human equality. Despite this however, discrimination & racism coloured American history. Indeed, it wasn't until the early part of the 20th century when the American Legal System formally recognized African Americans as 'citizens'. In America then, how are minorities seen? Remember that America was born out of the former New England Colonies that were once under the British. Therefore, ...view middle of the document...

This however was not the reality at the height of the Civil Rights movement. While the government and the conservative group pictured the Civil Rights movement as illegal and at times criminal, its outspoken leaders and advocates endured prison and the varied other punishments levied against them for inciting what they saw as 'a just revolution'. The media were divided into pro and supportive groups and anti-Civil Rights movement. Some Christian Media worked against the movement publishing materials using the tenets of faith to justify segregation. Much of these publications were based in the South - former territories that fought against the abolition of Slavery. Civil Rights are the rights & powers of an individual that he can exercise under the jurisdiction of Civil Law. Human/Natural rights of an individual are those he/she is born with, therefore inalienable. Many have argued that civil & human rights are of the same nature from political, philosophical & religious points of view. British Philosopher John Locke has heavily influenced the founding fathers during the creation of the American Nation with his views on the nature of human & civil rights especially that relating to one's right to life, property & liberty. Minority means the 'smaller' grouping, that collection of people which is not considered of major cultural, political & social impact upon a nation. Civil Rights are guaranteed by law of the country that bestows them and can be argued in its' courtrooms (i.e. right to freedom, right to privacy). The Civil Rights movement that blossomed in 50's America culminated in the enaction of the 1964 Civil Rights Act - banning Begin Match to source 2 in source list:–1968)&Itemid=176discrimination in employment practices, the Voting Act of 1965 that restored and protectedEnd Match equal Begin Match to source 2 in source list:–1968)&Itemid=176voting rights, the Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965End MatchBegin Match to source 5 in source list: the amended Civil Rights Act of 1968,End Match banning Begin Match to source 5 in source list: Match from home ownership. Civil Rights were the social issue of said periods sharing front page with news from the Vietnam War. A subculture formed which, aside from forming against or pro opinions, took action either to take part in the movement or to combat it. In the radio and TV debate on Civil Rights raged. Martin Luther's Pacifism Bass (2001) declares that Begin Match to source 3 in source list: Luther King...

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