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After the civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. However, industrialization also created problems for America society. Industrialization after the civil war was a major component in creating the advanced world we live in today. The industrial revolution connected America through transportation which leads to easier communication. Industrialization changed how the average person lived their life and provided for their families.   This paper will identify three specific groups that were affected by industrialization and provide two examples of each group describing how the group was affected while considering issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, and child ...view middle of the document...

There were many groups affected by the industrialization. This would include the women they were not paid enough. They took care of their homes and saw their economic role decline. Many families became more divided with the need of everyone having to play a role to help raise money for their families. African Americans were used as slaves and provided labor in very poor working conditions. Also they were denied education. Children were also affected, this made
some of the children became crippled due to their work. Children would work long hours standing all day and were not able to live a life as a normal child today. They were not paid as much but they also worked very hard for their earnings which helped contribute to their family responsibilities. Many farmers were affected due to the new farm machinery causing the need for less human labor to do more work. Negatively there were costs to buy new machinery. Farmers went into debt purchasing new machinery to discover they could farm more land to pay off the machine. They would go into debt to buy new land to pay off the machinery only to find they needed more and/or large machines to do the work on the increased area they were farming.

The industrialization affected the lives of many people. The affects of the Industrialization changed the standard of living for the average American.  Before industrialization, there were relatively few consumer goods and those goods were fairly expensive.  This meant that an American household might not have very many sets of clothing for each member and might not have many material goods.  After industrialization, this changed.  Goods could now be produced in large amounts and therefore became cheaper. Farmers were introduced to new technologies to make planting, cultivating and...

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