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Hippa Essay

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HIPAA Tutorial Summary
Health Care Communication Strategies HCS/320
January 02, 2015
Carol Coakley

HIPAA Tutorial Summary
In order to for individuals to gain reasonable health insurance receive confidentiality and security of his or her healthcare information, and have the administrative costs controlled and simplified, the HIPAA law was passed as a law in 1996(University of Phoenix, 2015). The HIPAA Law gives protection to individual’s healthcare information by his or her providers and business associates. The law also gives each individual right’s in regard to their information. In this paper, the writer will summarize what was learned from the HIPAA tutorial, Why the Information ...view middle of the document...

Written notice must be given by each healthcare provider and keep on file for at least six years (University of Phoenix, 2015).

Importance of HIPAA
The Importance of HIPPA is to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. It guarantees patients access to their healthcare information and how it can be used. The healthcare providers must limit all disclosures in reference to patient’s health. Healthcare organizations have rules and regulations to follow, so they will not receive fines or jail time.

Use of Information in the Future
The use of the information from the tutorial of the HIPAA law is most useful for any individual who works in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare worker written consent must be given by the patient to disclose patient information such as treatment, billing, and referrals. As a consumer he or she can limit who receives his or her information, but certain circumstances can be allowed without the patient consent such as court orders, victims of abuse, or public health activities.
In conclusion, the HIPAA law protects the provider’s and consumers in reference to healthcare records. The Privacy rule should be implemented properly, documented, and filed according to federal policies and procedures. If there are any concerns of malpractice or misuse of patient information one can file a complaint with the facility or with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

University of Phoenix. (2015). HIPAA Tutorial. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, HCS/320 website.

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