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Hipaa Essay

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Patient Confidentiality and HIPAA
HCIS/ 245
May 2, 2014

Patient Confidentiality and HIPAA
HIPAA is the abbreviation for the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The goal of the law set in place by HIPAA is to allow people to maintain health insurance, provide protection of health care information through confidentiality and security, and to help control administrative cost in the health industry [ (John J. Dreyzehner) ]. There are many different title sections to HIPAA. These sections are Title I- Health Insurance Reform, Title II- HIPAA Administrative Simplification, Title III- HIPAA Tax Related Health Provisions, Title IV- Application ...view middle of the document...

Appropriate safeguards are demanded by the Privacy Rule. These safeguards protect the privacy of health information that may be personal, and it sets limits and conditions on the use and disclosures of information without the consent of the patient (The Privacy Rule). Patients also have rights over their health information provided under the Privacy Rule. Patients have the right to examine, receive a copy of their records, and request corrections (The Privacy Rule).
Those who violate HIPAA regulations will be held accountable. Businesses will face civil and criminal penalties for violating the standards set by HIPAA. Individuals that violate HIPAA regulations can also be terminate from their job. In October of 2010, Cignet Health of Prince George, MD was fined a civil money penalty of $4.3 million for not allowing patients to invoke their rights to a copy of their medical records in 2008 and 2009 [ (Civil Money Penalty) ]. Organiztions that continue to violate the standards of HIPAA will continually be investigated and fined for their acts.

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