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High Performance Teams Essay

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High Performance Teams


High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams Introduction In today’s business world many companies have moved away from a vertical management structure, to one which is more of a horizontal management style. This successful movement in management strategies has inspired many organizations to change to a more


horizontal management style which incorporates teams or groups. This paper will analyze how a group can become a high performance team, and an explanation of what components are needed to build a successful high performance team will be discussed. Finally, an evaluation of how the business and ethical considerations of globalization may affect ...view middle of the document...

The different backgrounds of the team members will provide needed diversity to help with the creativity of the team. A diverse team will have different life experiences to bring to the table and help the team stay innovated. Each member will be able to provide a different view point because of their varying levels of experiences. Once the high performance team is assembled the leader must outline the goals and make sure all team members are accountable for their actions and the results of the team (Shermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2008). When a team only has a short period to achieve significant results, the organization needs to select the best employees it has to offer (Bodwell, 2002). Selecting the best employees is the easy part, but talking their managers into letting them become part of the team may be a challenge (Bodwell, 2002). Since the people needed for the high performance team are the best and brightest in the organization they may already have many responsibilities and are needed by their department. A manager will be more likely to part ways with an inferior employee because the superstar in his or her department is needed (Bodwell, 2002). A high performance team will have a tough time becoming successful without being able to obtain the best and brightest worker (Bodwell, 2002). Without these workers the team will be like any other team. A personal example of how this mistake can easily be made happened to me when I was selecting a group of loan officers to head up a marketing campaign. Since my two best loan officers had plenty of business I decided to go with an experience loan officer who did not generate many sales and two first year employees. My reasoning for selecting these employees for my high performance team was availability. I did not rationalize the possibility of this being

High Performance Teams too big of an assignment for these employees. In hindsight the correct selection for the team would have been the two top producing loan officers and one of the new loan officers. I know this to be true because the second time I ran the marketing campaign the team was...

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