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Hero Essay

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Level C Essay

You may often ask yourself, “What is a hero?” No need to worry, I’ll explain it to you. A hero in today’s generation is not what we normally think when the word “hero” comes to mind. We usually think of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and all the other comic book hero’s. When we are little we are made to think that hero’s fly, have super strength, and other amazing powers. We were thought wrong. Real hero’s, don’t have any of those. They don’t wear fancy capes, have crazy powers, or even look different than any of us. Most of the hero’s that we know today are regular people.
To put some clarification into the term “hero” I will explain some of the so called standards. To be a hero I believe that the person has to risk their own safety to keep a person from physical harm. An example would be a man finding a little girl that has fallen into a frozen over pond. If he jumped in ...view middle of the document...

Something to describe that would be a woman hearing a baby cry at the top of an apartment building that was on fire. Not knowing if she would even come out alive, her running in there and saving the baby seemed to be enough. After she brought the baby out un-touched by a flame. Media and family members want nothing more but to reward her. Instead of her accepting the rewards, she moves on with her life, because the only thing she wants is to know that she saved a life. That would be a great example of a hero in my book. A counter-example of this action would be the same situation but a woman wanting some sort of cash reward, or media fame because of her actions. That would not be a hero! That would be selfish and rude in my opinion.
Some questions that you might be asking would be: Does that person have to live for you to be a hero? Do you have to die to be a hero?
For the first question, the answer is no. You could die or live to be a hero! As long as you are putting yourself into danger or harm to keep this person safe, you are a hero. An example would be a man pushing a woman out of the street from getting hit by a car. Whether or not you are a hero does not depend on if you are dead or not. As long as that person that was in harm’s way in the first place, is ok now! Some may even say that neither of them has to survive to be a hero. An example of that would be that if you died attempting to save a person and that person also died, you are still a hero for putting yourself in danger to help.
For the second question the answer is absolutely not. You could very well save someone’s life and still be alive. That’s the best part, and that’s what makes being a hero even better! If you survive after saving someone’s life, you get to live knowing that you prevented a death and a lot of heart ache. It should feel very good.
There is a ridiculous amount of ways you can be a hero, but I think you have the main idea. I gave you my three main points to be classified as a hero. If you know a hero, make sure to let them know how great they are. Being a hero is a wonderful thing. Someday I hope I can me classified as a hero.

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