Here I Am On Earth Trying To Determine If The People Here Are Religious Or Not??

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Here I am on Earth trying to determine if the people here are religious or not??

Here I am on Earth trying to determine if the people here are religious or not. Three things I am looking for are prayer to a higher entity, sacrifice, and public acknowledgment of their god in ways other than prayer.
The clues I am now assessing include people attending their houses of worship, people wearing crosses around their necks as jewelry, and people with their heads bowed in prayer. These people with their heads bowed in prayer have so many variations in their actions. Some people are at their dinner table praying, some people kneel on the ground in a line with other people five times per day ...view middle of the document...

Another outward expression I have observed is people wearing crosses and cross symbols as jewelry. These crosses are all different from one another. I presume that people want to show their faith with these crosses but want to keep their individuality, since they are united by a common bond, which I have discovered is Christ’s death and resurrection.
I went to a church on Sunday, and there was quite an outward display of worship. Some people were shouting out words of gratitude to their god, which is God himself, and His Son Jesus. Some were singing their adoration to God. Some people were shouting and dancing violently while people fanned them. The man in charge, called the preacher, was yelling at the people who were listening to him speak. Some of the people shouted back at him. Lively music was a part of this service, while people clapped and cheered, making a joyful noise. Later, I went to another house of worship, which was still a “church”, but everyone was quietly paying attention to the preacher who spoke calmly and encouragingly. Sometimes during church the people sang songs in unison out of a book. A lot of people smiled sweetly or showed an expression of peace when the songs were over. I later went to a Buddhist temple. There was no preacher and no choir, but instead it was a place for quiet meditation and reflection. (Robertson and Brotman) Buddhists believe in their god named Buddha, who believed people found peace by controlling their own minds.

After observing these people within their religions, it...

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