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Hemodialysis And Its Impact To End Stage Renal Disease Patients

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Hemodialysis and Its Impact to end Stage Renal Disease Patients
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1.0 Background to the Study.........................................................................................3
2.0 Introduction.............................................................................................................3
3.0 Problem Statement..................................................................................................4
4.0 Data Collection........................................................................................................4
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Hemodialysis in lay man’s language means kidney therapy (Esra, 2013).
Hemodialysis is supposed to cleanse the body by artificially removing toxins and excess water from the body; Hemodialysis steps into primarily playing the function of kidneys and prevent end-stage renal disease (Ronco, 2002). The effectiveness of this process (hemodialysis), is influenced by four factors, these are; remedies or solutions, liquid limitation, participation at dialysis sessions and adherence to dietary rules (Esra, 2013). Dietary rules prescribed to patients with kidney disease involve restrictions on proteins consumption, sodium and potassium intake (Ronco, 2002).
2.0 Introduction
When critiquing research, the principal objective is to examine the strengths and shortcomings of the study (Yin,2003).The credibility of the research in terms of data collected, methods of analysis and findings are reviewed with an aim of gauging the accuracy and reliability of the study (Yin,2003). In this paper, therefore, I have analyzed this article. “The Emotional Impact of End-Stage Renal Disease: Importance of Patients’ Perceptions of Intrusiveness and Control” by (Devins et al., 1983). The analysis focuses on data, findings, analysis and interpretation (Yin, 2003).
3.0 Statement of the Problem
The context of this research was an end-stage renal disease. (Devins et al., 1983) Was to study the relationship between renal diseases with cardiovascular risk (Devins et al., 1983). The mortality rate is high in patients who have developed kidney disease due to heart conditions and do not undergo hemodialysis is high. As compared to the mortality rate in patients with chronic kidney disease and who undergo hemodialysis to cleanse their kidneys (Devins et al., 1983). This study also investigated the value of prognosis of AMC arterial media calcification and its influence on mortality on patients. It examined a patient who have developed kidney disease from cardiovascular disease but undergo hemodialysis sense to remove toxins from their bodies (Devins et al., 1983). Solution to the problem is the study (Yin,2003).
4.0 Data Collection
This study involved 35 patients who were suffering from chronic kidney disease but were undergoing hemodialysis to cleanse their kidneys. These patients were identified from the data available from medical coding systems at Royal Victoria Hospital. The sampling methodology used to determine these 35 patients was stratified sampling. According to, (Yin, 2003), with stratified sampling, the population is categorized in different layers known as strata. Each level consists of individuals with homogeneous characteristics. Once the layers are created, either simple random sampling or systematic random sampling is used to make a sample from each stratum (Yin, 2003).
Quantitative studies involve generation of data in numerical form or data that can be expressed in figures or quantity (Yin, 2003). To come...

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