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Helping Field Summary Essay

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Helping Field Summary
Holly Regan, Kevin Gatlin, Latasha Burgos, Sabrina Brown, and Yaddira Espinoza
December 8, 2014
Cassidy Hawf

Helping Field Summary
The main reason most people go into the helping profession is the desire to help others, but there are other factors that influence a career in the helping field profession. According to Woodside & McClam, these factors are direct work experience, college courses and instructors, friends, acquaintances, or relatives in helping professions, (2011).
The ability to contribute to another's growth by helping others is a gratifying feeling for those who want and do enter the helping field of human services and the opportunity ...view middle of the document...

His reason for choosing a helping field in human services is either to become a Juvenile Probation Officer or a Case Manager for the state of Utah.
Yaddira's reason for joining the helping field comes from personal experiences in her life. Growing up she was a witness to child abuse of distant family members and remembered how terrible it was and that nobody was willing to help them. These occurrences lit the fire that drives her to pursue a career in human services where she will be the voice for the children and families who were in abusive situations.
Sabrina has chosen the helping field to help people solve their problems and to teach them that life isn't as bad as what they are going through. She has always been a helper and peers have looked to her like an advisor and seeking guidance in life decisions. She dislikes telling others what to do, but will share her thoughts, and they can make the ultimate decision on which path to choose. She believes she can make a difference in the rate of suicide among teens and adolescents in the world just as she helped those that...

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