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Heat Ex Changer Tube Expansion Report

369 words - 2 pages

Scope of KAFCO to Inspection and Test procedure for Cooler Tube Nest

Date: 9th December, 2013 to 19th December 2013,

Ritto, Shiga, Japan

3. Hydrostatic Pressure Test

|ORDER No. |947274 |APPROVED | |
|EQUIPMENT NAME |2-K-102 E1A/B |CHECKED ...view middle of the document...

5 |20.25 |30 | | |
|2-K-102 E1B |13.5 |20.25 |30 | | |


1. Two sets of pressure gauge shall be used, which have the measuring range 0 to 4 MPa the test pressure.

2. Calibrated pressure gauges with the period of guaranteed performance. Calibration Certificate

3. Test pressure medium is Turbine Oil ISO VG 32 (Shell Side) at 610C / Water


4. Final Inspection by Finished Assembly of 2-K-102 E1A

4.1 Dimensional Inspection of 2-K-102 E1A/B

|ORDER No. |947274 |APPROVED | |
|NAME |96.2 M3 |JUDGEMENT | |
|TYPE |2LC-96.2B16T15.9 |WITNESSED BY | |
|MFG No. |131306, 131307 |VISUAL | |

2-K-102 E1A

| | | |DIMENSION | | | | |
|L1 |3594 ...

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