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Healthcare Spending Essay

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Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability
Nurse practitioners should be professional with patients and show patients respect. If a nurse does not show respectful behavior and there is misconduct or incompetence a complaint will have to be filed and the situation will be investigated (APA, 2012).
Nurse practitioners are competent and care for patients in a professional caring manner. Patients sometimes experience non-tolerable performance that is not acceptable from a professional nurse (APA, 2012). Filing a complaint with the state licensing authorities can help deal with the unacceptable problem. If a nurse is doing things that may cause harm to a patient, it should be filed with the ...view middle of the document...

The board only investigates nurses who are licensed other people pretending to be nurses will be handled by the law. Nurse practitioners sometimes see the patients instead of the doctor because some patients do not want to see the doctor they rather see the nurse. Nurse practitioners are able to right prescriptions and they can give patients the amount they want to give them without the doctors permission. Nurses have to give the right medications to the patients and the right dosage because if they give the wrong amount they could be terminated from their job. They cannot abuse they’re authority when they are writing prescriptions because they will have to deal with the law on that matter. Writing false prescriptions can get a nurse put in prison for a long amount of time and they will mess up their career (APA, 2013).
When the complaint is filed against a nurse the board has to follow a process to get to the correct resolution (APA, 2013). After 10 days of the complaint being filed, the board will send a letter noting they have received the complaint. Complaints that are horrible allegations will get the very bad consequences. The Department of Consumer Affairs Division of Investigation will investigate the manner to see if it can be investigated or closed. If there is a case involving a criminal unlicensed activity the case will be given to a district attorney to prosecute. The investigation will be confidential and private so that the investigation want become jeopardized. Some investigations can become public if criminal action is involved. The review for the complaint will take time to review every piece of information in the case. The board will need extra time if they are in need of it because they have to take care of the situation in the correct manner and find out everything about the situation to keep other patients safe. The board have to keep everything they know documented and they have to investigate the problem in the facility. Investigating the problem will help them to find out what happened in the facility with the nurse and the patient. The patient has to cooperate with the board to keep everything in the correct order if they want their problem investigated. Numerous investigations are conducted everywhere around the world and the board have to keep up with everyone of them. When the board investigates a problem that is very serious and they know the law have to get involved they contact the authorities quickly (APA, 2013).
A nurse can be taken to court and sued if he or she does not observe a patient a patient in the correct manner. Nurses are targets for getting sued in health care industry. Nurses have to take care of each patient and show respect or they can lose their certification (APA, 2012). Becoming a certified nurse takes numerous amounts of hard work. Going to school and paying for the education to become a nurse should not be jeopardized by criminal actions or un-loyalty to a patient. Losing a nursing...

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