Healthcare Delivery Essay

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CJ Macintosh
March 21, 2011

Shriners Hospital Healthcare Delivery System

Imagine a child experiences a traumatic event such as a house fire sustaining life-threatening injuries or develops a musculoskeletal disorder and may not walk again. Where would one go with a child such as this? A child that would need an individualized care plan catered to meet his or her needs without financially crippling their family and incorporating them in the healing process. A place of such magnitude and offers multidisciplinary services does exist and that place is Shriners Hospital for Children.
Shriners Hospital, founded in 1922, aims to achieve optimum health for its patients by helping each ...view middle of the document...

Shriners Hospital for children is operated and owned by the Shriners International a Freemason related organization whose members are known as the Shriners. However, patients need not be affiliated with the Shriners or the Freemason. Shriners Hospital is among the few children's hospital that does not charge for its services.
The majority of the health care organizations providing similar services to those of Shriners Hospital does not have an extensive range of services and often concentrate on a particular medical issue. An example of a facility that provides intensive treatment is the American Childhood Cancer Organization, a healthcare provider centered on treating children with cancer. The fact that Shriners Hospital concentrates on a vast array of specialties and offers its services purely free of charge makes Shriners unique. The majority of what would be considered competitors for the Shriners Hospital have a different operational heath care model and do charge for their services. Again, these organizations often have a small network operating one or two medical facilities in comparison with Shriners Hospital's 22 locations. Thus, Shriners Hospital stands out as a unique health care facility for the children below the age of eighteen.

Profile Licensing and Regulatory Factors
With Shriner’s multiple locations across the nation, licensing and regulations can be a cumbersome obstacle for this organization. There are varying levels of governance, such as federal, states, local, and private organizations. Having these many regulatory bodies and different requirements for each Shriner’s location can be difficult, but necessary. For example, Field (2008) states, “State and local agencies are often closest to the actual provision of health care and the most sensitive to regional needs. Federal oversight is usually necessary to provide national coordination, for example, to prevent physicians who have been disciplined by a medical board from gaining licensure in another state. Private organizations offer the deepest expertise in the clinical aspects of care” (p. 607). A driving issue is the lack of coordination between these organizations, creating the potential for contradicting guidelines.

Changes in Economy
To remain competitive in healthcare, one must possess the latest technology, latest research, cutting edge treatments, and exceptional service, just to name a few. Technology defines how one stands with competition. If a better service is available elsewhere, there is no reason to go to Shriner’s Hospital. Shriner's make it a priority to stay on top of and stay current with the latest technological trends because it provides better care for their patients and ensure reoccurring business by being a facility with the resources to patient needs. In 2015, the Shriner’s Hospital announced it would be starting a telemedicine program at three of its...

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