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Health Risk Essay

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Diabetes Risk Asses
SCI/163 Element of Health and Wellness

Level Material

Diabetes Risk Assessment Worksheet

Assess Yourself: Are You at Risk for Diabetes?

Certain characteristics place people at greater risk for diabetes. Nevertheless, many people remain unaware of the symptoms of diabetes until after the disease has begun to progress. Take the following quiz to help determine your risk for diabetes. If you answer yes to three or more of these questions, ...view middle of the document...

Are you overweight or obese? No

4. Are you typically sedentary (seldom, if ever, engage in vigorous aerobic exercise)? Yes

5. Have you noticed an increase in your craving for water or other beverages? No

6. Have you noticed that you have to urinate more frequently than you used to during a typical day? No

7. Have you noticed any tingling or numbness in your hands and feet, which might indicate circulatory problems? No

8. Do you often feel a gnawing hunger during the day, even though you usually eat regular meals? No

9. Are you often so tired that you find it difficult to stay awake? NO

10. Have you noticed that you are losing weight but don’t seem to be doing anything in particular to make this happen? No

11. Have you noticed that you have skin irritations more frequently and that minor infections don’t heal as quickly as they used to? No

12. Have you noticed any unusual changes in your vision (blurring, difficulty in focusing, etc.)? No

13. Have you noticed unusual pain or swelling in your joints? No

14. Do you often feel weak or nauseated when you wake in the morning, or if you wait too long to eat a meal? No

15. If you are a woman, have you had several vaginal yeast infections during the past year?

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