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Health Promotion Essay

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Running head: HEALTH PROMOTION 1

Levels of Health Promotion
Latha Verson
Grand Canyon University

Health promotion, also known as prevention, has always been prevalent in health care. It has always been considered better to stop an illness from occurring rather than treating it once it has. But that is not the extent of health promotion. Health promotion is the provision of information and education of individuals and families (Unknown, 2012). As stated by the World Health Organization, health promotion seeks to give an individual control over their health. In health promotion, the actions taken are not limited to just individuals, but also extends to the community, environment ...view middle of the document...

Nurses have to remain updated on community, environmental, and local news; anything that can help them inform their patients better. Depending on the times, the medical knowledge and medical progression, roles of nurses can change. Roles and responsibilities of nurses can also change with the particular are they work in and the general socio-economic status of the region.
Nursing encompasses many different areas and health promotion can be implemented in all of those areas. Nursing is about medicine and actual knowledge behind it. Medication is used in all levels of health promotion; vaccines in primary prevention, surgery in secondary prevention and more medication in tertiary prevention just to give an example. Nursing is also about the patient. Health promotion involves providing the patient with information to prevent the disease and care is the disease takes effect. Nursing also includes the community. Health promotion in the community is achieved through prevention programs, awareness programs and education. Finally, nursing is about the self. Nurses use caution and preventative methods to keep themselves healthy and at prime condition to be the maximum help to their patients.
There are three levels of health promotion or prevention. The first is called primary prevention. Primary prevention is all about preventing the disease from occurring at all (Warren, 2012). The goal is to predict and stop the illness before it happens (Warren, 2012). An example would be vaccination given to prevent all childhood diseases (Warren, 2012). Primary prevention is also about spreading awareness and helping people when symptoms start showing up. Mental illnesses are many times subtle and usually end in suicides which are extremely in Slovenia (Beskovnik, 2011). In 2001, they set up suicide programs where professional would get better at detecting depression and suicidal symptoms (Beskovnik, 2011). The programs also helped them to better their communication skills to talk to the patients and spread awareness in the community (Beskovnik, 2011). The suicide programs also helped the general populace by educating them about the symptoms and self-help and soon Slovenia engaged in nation-wide anti-suicide campaigns (Beskovnik, 2011). Suicide rate in Slovenia in 1998 was 31 in 100,000 people (Beskovnik, 2011). After the programs, the rate in 2008 dropped to 20 in 100,000 people (Beskovnik, 2011). This is a prime example of preventing something before it happens, not just by medication but also by education and awareness in the patients and community.
The next level of health promotion prevention is secondary prevention. Secondary prevention is used when the illness has already occurred but treatment is offered so it doesn’t happen again (Warren,...

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