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Health Problems Caused By Poor Nutrition

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Topic: Nutrition
Limited Topic: Health problems caused by poor nutrition.
Thesis: Some health problems caused by poor nutrition include cancer, diabetes, weight issues, kwashiorkor, cardiovascular diseases and anaemia.
Combined Outline:
I. Introduction
II. Cancer
A. Foods that accelerate cancer.
B. Foods that help prevent cancer.
III. Diabetes
IV. Weight issues
A. People who are overweight suffer from obesity because of too much intake food.
B. People suffer from anorexia because of lack of nutrients in their body.
V. Cardiovascular diseases
A. One type of cardiovascular disease is hypertension.
B. Another type of cardiovascular disease is cardiac arrest.
VI. Anaemia
VII. ...view middle of the document...

The doctors had advised him to reduce his intake of alcohol and tobacco, and focus on filling his diet with yellow fruits and dark green vegetables as they would increase the odds of the treatment being successful and he may be able to heal from the dreaded disease. He was also advised to reduce his consumption of red meats because according to Sizer & Whitney a study of more than 90,000 women between the ages of 26 to 46 showed that their chances of getting a common form of breast cancer was proportional to their rates of consumption of red meat in a day (2008, pp. 428-429). People are encouraged to eat whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables, food rich in fibre, omega 3 acids which are obtained from fish, and drink a lot of healthy fluids like juices and water because these help in protection against cancer specially rectal and colon cancer. The information above cautions us to ensure that we pay attention to the things that we consume in order for us to be able to live to see our great grand children.

What happens if the body cannot handle carbohydrates normally? One result is diabetes. Diabetes is a disease characterized by elevated blood glucose levels and inadequate or ineffective insulin which impairs a person’s ability to regulate blood glucose normally. Obesity triples a person’s risk of developing diabetes, hence even the most modest weight gain raises the risk of diabetes. The greater the accumulation of body fat particularly around the waistline, the more insulin resistant the cells become, and the higher the glucose levels rise. Therefore a healthy lifestyle is recommended, thus the individual needs to maintain a healthy body weight by choosing a diet high in vegetables, fruit, fish, poultry, and whole grains. In addition individuals should also exercise regularly. “Type 2 diabetes is a growing problem. The risk of developing it rises with weight gain, aging, and physical inactivity and falls with nutritious diet as a part of a healthy lifestyle” (Sizer & Whitney, 2008, p.128). A person with diabetes is advised to control their weight because being overweight worsens diabetes. Prevention is not only possible but it is also likely when individuals take action to control their lifestyle choices.

A particular problem that is usually caused by poor nutrition is weight issues. When we talk about poor nutrition that leads to weight issues, we mean too much unwanted nutrients, which leads to weight gain or too little nutrients supplied to the body, hence the body starves. One weight issue that is very common is known as obesity. Sheila Vegera in her interview with health magazine spoke about her battle against obesity. She mentioned how much she used to eat all the time, and all the amounts of fatty foods,oily foods,carbohydrates and sugary foods she used to have. She was overweight according to her BMI (Body Mass Index) scale. Sheila had no control over her intake of food and all this started after her divorce she would always find...

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