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Health Policies And Health Determinants Essay

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Discuss the ways that health can be conceptualized by a society.

What are the determinants of health in humans?

What is the connection between how a society defines health and how it pursues health?

Has increased access to technology changed that perception over the last decade?

Discuss the connection between health policies, health determinants, and health.

Health policies, health determinants and health are all categories that are intertwined with one another. As technology becomes more advanced within the health industry, society’s perception on healthcare may change for the better or for the worst. And with the new technology, new ...view middle of the document...

There are cases in which it does not matter on an individual’s health but the environment and/or circumstances they live in. It does not end there.

An individual’s nationality and family’s health history, the state of the environment in which they live in, level of education, the relationship they have with their family and peers, income and also the individual’s behavior and characteristics can have a positive or negative impact on their health. Those factors have more of an impact of an individual’s health while services of health care and the level of access has much less of an impact. The set of circumstances can determine an individual’s health so people need to use good judgment when blame another for having poor health.

What is the correlation between how a society defines health and how it pursues health?

The World Health Organization said it be stating that the dynamic state of health is not only about the disease of the lack of but also the overall “physical, mental and social well-being” ( of an individual. That as a whole is the undeviating relationship of health inspiration and how society will shadow health. By that holistic definition, we are moving beyond the absence of illness, but including the mental, physical, biological and social elements of health and society will trail health in all these matters. With that being said, society will not only pursue the types of social factor that impact health but also conduct research on how these factors influence health. As mentioned before, these factors can include level of education, social status and income and pursue how genetics impact health, how active the individual is and their nutrition.

Has increased access to technology changed that observation over the last decade?

As deliberated before, culture, behaviors, peers and etc. can impact an individual’s health but there is also another factor that can impact health. That factor is technology. Science and technology helped with the health of our society. Research that has been conducted on the hindrance and causes of diseases has led to the improvement of technology such as mammograms, which help to diagnose a disease in its early stages which can lead to early treatment of the disease which in turn can help save lives.

With new developments in technology in healthcare also comes with great responsibility from an ethical standpoint. Decisions can be difficult, ethically when taking into consideration of the life, health or amount of money needed for the type of care given to a patient. Here are a few examples of medical technology perceptions that have changed of the last decade ethically:

In-Vitro Fertilization

The first child to ever be from using test tube techniques happened in the late 1970’s. Although many have applauded this new type of technology, there is an ethical issue on whether or not embryos should be created in test-tube...

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