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Health Industry Essay

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Even before modern technology, one very important aspect of the health field has been communication. I think patients and providers have an equal responsibility in ensuring good communication in the health industry. This is done through a process called collaborative communication where both the patients and caregivers are ‘peers’ where they both work to make the decisions. If either person is not communicating in a collaborative sense, the conversation will not be very effective.
From the patients’ perspective it can be overwhelming when going to the doctor’s office and being as assertive as one wants to. Often, physician-centered communication is hard to avoid unless the patient is ...view middle of the document...

In regards to informed consent, it is important that they are able to ask questions regarding any treatment options so they know if they want to refuse any part of the treatment if they need to. A patient needs to also be able to be assertive in communicating their main concerns so as to avoid occurrences like “doorknob disclosures;” where they tell these concerns to their doctor just as they begin leaving the room. If the doctor encourages the patient to voice their main concerns in a caring manner and the patient is comfortable enough in disclosing these concerns, effective collaborative communication can be easy to accomplish.
I believe one of the most important issues to address from the provider’s side would be their encouragement, both verbal and nonverbal, to their patients. I believe this can be accomplished easily if the provider takes the time to get to their patient’s main concern through questions addressing this concern as well as working on their nonverbal forms of encouragement. By asking questions like ‘What is your main concern?’ or ‘What seems to be bothering you the most right now’ the provider can get this concern out in the open without beating around the...

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