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Health Field Essay

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Dr. Yeh-Lane
Management of Sports Studies
Professional Interview
I chose my mother to perform the assigned interview with. She has worked for Wingate of Wilbraham for a long time now. It was a job she obtained after working for MassMutual. I chose to interview my mother because she has acquired tremendous experience from working within multiple settings in the health field. She provided vital information during the interview from her past experiences which will enable me to learn and grow from. I provided my mother with background information regarding the purpose of the interview assignment.
I began the interview by asking her how she came about her career in the healthcare ...view middle of the document...

The skills required are multi-tasking, being able to read budget plans to insure that the daily operations coincide with the budget as well as to be aware of state and federal guidelines for staffing a 24 hour facility as well as to be aware of state, federal, OSHA, and JCAHO procedures, regulations, and guidelines. I have to always be ready for ad-hoc reports submitted to Home Office and to the administrator as well as to any regulatory bodies that require the information. I also have to be able to handle day-to-day staffing and coverage issues that may occur.” This made me realize how difficult and stressful her job might be on a given day. Not only was my mother required to perform all the previously listed duties, but she had to perform them simultaneously while having good people skills in order to coordinate the staff responsible for the care of patients. It also made me aware of the typical duties someone in her position might have and the skills you need to help you perform those duties.
Then I asked her what the most difficult problems she faced at Wingate where and what, if anything, was being done to solve the problems. She started by saying, “The toughest problem is to have adequate staffing for a 24 hour facility when there are many factors that can cause callouts for any given day. There isn’t any way to control employee factors that can cause call outs, terminations, resignations, etc. Since it is such a fluid environment, due to many external factors, there really isn’t a complete solution to the staffing issues that may arise day to day.” This required my mother to use her interpersonal communication and social skills in order to create a well organized, happy, and fully staffed team to be on duty.
I went on to ask my mother about her lifestyle, which I was already familiar with, having lived my entire life with her. I asked her what obligations she had outside of work that constituted work. I also asked her how much flexibility she had in terms of dress, work hours, and vacations? She explained to me by saying, “The most challenging obligation is to be able to leave work behind at the end of the day mentally. This is very difficult to do since if I know there is a staffing issue the following day or week due to illness, resignations, terminations, or vacations, my mind is always working on who to be able to fill those needs and who I need to contact to fill the hours. By law, nursing facilities require a certain number of certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and registered nurses (RAs) per patient and it was my responsibility to follow this regulation. Not only to follow the law but to ensure quality of care for all the patients in the facility.” I think this part of my mothers job made me realize the stress levels involved, it may takes a lot out of a person. This particularly response put into perspective how work never ends and how even if the punch clock is timed out, one can never truly shut off the internal work...

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