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Health Care Respiratory Essay

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May 23, 2015

What is Asthma?
Asthma is a chronic disease that obstructs the flow of air, the obstruction is reversible.
What is Asthma?
• Inflammation (swelling)
• Mucous in the airways
• Tightening in muscles around the airways
Asthma is most common chronic disease in childhood, almost 9 million children in America have asthma, (Over 100,000 in Wisconsin). Children under 6 years old have the highest rates for hospital admissions, this is the #1 reason children are admitted into hospitals and this is also one of the main reasons children are absent from school, children miss about 7 days of school due to asthma.
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The dead body parts and droppings dry up and flake into small pieces that become part of our house dust. When we breathe these small pieces into the lungs, allergic reaction can occur. Use hotels where they check in, but don’t check out because then you throw away the body parts. If the roaches die in their nests, you have lots of dead bugs that will continue to pump allergens into your house dust for months into the future.

We’re allergic to dust mites in the same way, the dead bodies and droppings get into out lungs. We know that 40% of any building’s dust content it sloughed human skin, so anywhere you find dust, you’ll find dust mites because dead human skin is what they eat. You especially find them in pillow, mattresses, and carpets. If you haven’t washed your pillow in 3 years, up to 1/3 the total weight of the pillow can be dead dust mites and their droppings. Use pillow covers! They will only die when washed in 130 degree water – wash bedding weekly. Vacuuming doesn’t do much for dust mites because they hold onto the shag, that’s why doctors will recommend removing carpets, especially in the bedroom. Dander is basically dried saliva. You think of a cat licking to clean – that saliva dries and flakes into the air, then we breathe it in and it causes allergy. No pets is best, but if you remove them from the bedroom 24-hrs/day, that can help. Frequent damp dusting will help lower dander in the house.
Cigarette smoke causes...

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