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Health Care Methods Essay

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Health Care Communication Methods
HCS/320 Health Care Communication Strategies
May 18, 2015
Kelly Hernandez

Health Care Communication Methods
Option 1: Nursing Home Administrator
As the Nursing home administrator it is my responsibility to ensure that communication between all staff members’ residents, and family members regarding the new policies of this facility which are in effect immediately. With the purchase of the national group, I will have to make sure that I understand the new policies and determine the best way to communicate it to the entire staff.
In addition, I will have to make sure that they are in compliance with the HIPAA rules and regulations which states that ...view middle of the document...

In some cases we will have to read the new policies to them, or have their power of attorney for medical care read and acknowledge that they understand the polices. In addition, they will be receiving a copy for their records.
The advantage of using any type of electronic, social media or traditional communication would be that the information regarding the new policies can be put into place right away, and everyone would be aware of the changes. With the electronic communications, we will be able to send it to everyone at one time, and if there were questions, they can be addressed on the spot.
According to Spector and Kappel (2012), “What does this all mean for nurses and the nursing profession? Social media can be a highly effective mechanism that allows for the cultivation of professional connections; promotes timely communication with patients and family members; and educate and inform consumers and health care professionals”. Whenever there is a change as the nursing administrator I have to make sure everyone completely understand the new policies as with any new owner it can be confusing as to what is expected. As I speak of social media I am referring to the professional network, where physician will be talking with each other over the internet about patient issues
However, we would have to ensure that each staff member remembers that with the changes, they still have an ethical and legal obligation to keep and respect the patient privacy and confidentiality regarding their health information. They would have to make sure new release of information forms are signed and are in their records. The HIPAA rules and regulations will be followed especially with the new organizations and policies. I will continue to inform every one of the importance of following the rules and guidelines of HIPAA and that protecting the patient’s medical information is a priority.
The disadvantages of using any type of electronic, social media or traditional communication would be that patient information can be at risk. Having their medical information transmitted over a broad range of channels whether intentional or not can result in fines, and serious consequences (criminal charges) on the unauthorized disclosure of individually...

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