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Health Care Interview Essay

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Health Care Interview
Denise Palmer
July 16, 2012
Martha Plant

Health Care Interview
The following summary is based on the information that was obtained from an interview of Mrs. Rayshondal Merrell a Licensed Practical Nurse for 9 years and enjoys everything about the job. Mrs. Merrell work at a state prison in a 21 bed infirmary as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The infirmary is designed to house inmates with acute illnesses as well as inmates who have returned from hospitals for more serious illnesses. Licensed Practical Nurses will conduct routine checks of these inmates or a daily basis.
To become a Licensed Practical Nurse one must attain a high school diploma, and have ...view middle of the document...

They also treat patients by properly cleaning and dressing wounds and responsible for charting and translating orders. LPN duties in a prison are patient intake, triage, monitoring health conditions and instructing on precautions. The Practical Nurse manages a patients overall care.
As a Licensed Practical Nurse working in a prison infirmary, the department’s customers are the inmates. The LPN work in a 21 bed infirmary in a state prison. The infirmary has different medical types of inmates. While working in the infirmary the Licensed Practical Nurse will conducted blood pressure checks and dressing changes. She is also responsible for all care for her patients and writes her own notes.
The career path to this point starts out by working at a state prison as a Correctional Officer for 5 years. At the same time she observed many people working in the medical department. As she observed them she realizes that they were not giving them the proper treatment that they suppose to have. After the time passed by she decide to attend school to obtaining a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Heart of Georgia Technical College in Dublin, Georgia from 2001 to 2003. Then she received a job with the Department of Corrections where she works for several years. She later expected a job with Correct Health where she was assign to work for Washington County Sheriff Department.
The education system taken in order earn a similar position is that the Licensed Practical Nurse must meet similar education and examination requirement. This means that transferring your license from one state to another should not pose any significant difficulties as both require passing the same national examination and completing programs that satisfy criteria of nationwide accrediting agencies. Also attend an accredited organization that offers RN programs.
A person entering Licensed Practical Nurse certificate or diploma programs must have a completed high school or its equivalent. Some colleges may need their applicants to pass simple aptitude tests to gauge basic Math and English understanding. In certain programs students may also need to complete introductory biology courses or pass a background check. They also have to do an internship with supervised work experience in a hospital or any other medical organizations. Practical Nurse training qualifies individuals to take and...

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