Health Care Communication Methods Essay

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Health Care Communication Methods

Health Care Communication Methods
Over the last several weeks the national drug manufacturing giant, Johnson Pharmaceuticals, has been under tremendous pressure from the media over the negative effects of the blood pressure medication Exforge Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets (HCT). According to Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (2013), an affiliate of Johnson Pharmaceuticals, "the medication contains two of the most prescribed high blood pressure medicines; amlodipine, a calcium channel blocker (CCB), valsartan, an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB), and a diuretic (water pill) called hydrochlorothiazide" (Did You Know?). After extensive testing the Food ...view middle of the document...

Some examples include more training in those departments and having a quality and control person verifying all machinery is in proper order all times of the day.
The Advantages

The advantage of selecting traditional and electronic broadcasting allows the company to reach a larger viewing audience and provides a secure viewing experience. Communication is vital for many reasons. One example is it can assess individuals needs and concerns. By providing interpersonal communication the company can offset the overwhelming effects of literacy (du Pre, 2005). Better communication channels will allow Johnson Pharmaceuticals to serve their stakeholders more efficiently.
By televising the conference Johnson Pharmaceuticals offers the means of conveying information to stakeholders as well as the public. This will allow individuals to utilize video cassette recording (VCR) and digital video recording (DVR), if available, to capture the broadcast in the event they are unable to view the conference live and replay at their convenience. For those individuals who miss the live broadcast CBN will broadcast the conference in its entirety Tuesday evening, May 14th at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Producing a brochure will also provide another form of information. To give our stakeholders, as well as the public, additional recourses the company will also stream the conference live from their website. Individuals will have the opportunity to view live from computers, smart phones, and iPads.
The Disadvantages

The disadvantages of using these sources can add additional problems when taking into account barriers such as education, language, disabilities, and technical shortfalls such as server overloads. To remedy the disadvantages every effort will be made to ensure all parties involved understand the companies intent and that the information is disseminated across the board. The brochure will also be offered in Spanish and Johnson Pharmaceuticals will provide a sign language specialist to cover the conference for our stakeholders who are hearing impaired. A hotline has also been established with our Public Affairs Department for individuals who do not fully understand the new policies and procedures or those seeking further information. The phone number for the hotline will be made available during the live broadcast and will also be included in the brochure. In the event the company experiences server overload and other unforeseen technical issues, additional options will be made available by May 17, 2013. Johnson Pharmaceuticals...

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