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Health Care Essay

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Running Head: Health care
Beharal leadership theories.

This discussion will focus on Trait behavioral leadership theory, its influence and the results. The role of leaders is to integrate the diversity and complexity of the people and manage resources into a culture that realizes the goals of the system and influence the behaviour of the leading people.
Trait theory asserts that leaders have the innate ability to predispose their position of power and authority. It emphasizes on the personal ...view middle of the document...

A number of researches conducted to determine the success of these leadership styles revealed that, in democratic style, there was a friendly relationship between managers, and the group and high group morale. The group work reflected a high level of quality and originality even with the absence of the leader though, they are less productive as compared to those under autocratic leadership. Autocratic group displayed apathetic and aggressive behaviour, and aggressive individuals were defiant and blamed one another whenever a problem occurred. Apathetic member needed little leader's attention and portrayed aggressive outburst in the absence of the leader. Laissez-faire group produced low quality results and displayed low tendency to function independently and low satisfaction levels. Borkowski concludes that of the three styles, democratic style was the most successful because the group gained independence and had high quality results, unfortunately, the study subjects involved opted for authoritarian style, (Borkowski, Pp 234).

Borkowski, N. (2005). organization behaviour in health care. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc: Canada.

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