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Healing Hospitals A Daring Paradigm Essay

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Healing Hospitals: A daring paradigm
Mercy Cooper
Grand Canyon University: Spirituality in Health Care HLT 310V

Healing Hospitals: A Daring Paradigm
Hospitals are embracing the paradigm of healing hospitals. This concept is based on research evidence that suggests that the environment of care has significant implications on patient outcomes. Creation of a healing environment thus represents a concerted effort to comprehensively address all the factors that contribute to the disease process (Giemer-Flanders, 2009). Healing physical environments comprise of the following components: healing physical environments, a culture of loving care, integration of technology into work ...view middle of the document...

Indeed blended medicine techniques have been shown to promote faster healing, stress reduction, decrease infection rates, enhance patient and staff satisfaction, and to lower hospital operating costs (Giemer-Flanders, 2009).
Ulrich and Zimring (2004) contend that the findings of numerous studies show that the physical environment and aesthetics of a hospital influence patient health outcomes. These studies show that the traditional ways in which hospitals are designed that is with bland color schemes, loud, overhead paging systems, cramped patient rooms, and hallways that echo contributes to stress. These noisy, confusing hospital environments make patients have tachycardia, high blood pressure, muscular tensions, and feelings of sadness and hopelessness. The hormones produced in response to stressors can also suppress the immune systems of patients leading to delay healing for instance of wounds. According to Malkin (1998 as cited in Zborowsky & Kreitzer, 2008) creation of physical healing environments is accomplished through numerous ways for instance, adoption of designs that reduce noise levels such as carpeting and sound-absorbent ceilings, construction of lounges and waiting rooms designed to cater for patients who need privacy while at the same time ensuring that families can come together to grieve, bring nature into the hospital environment such as indoor landscapes and gardens, and acuity-adaptable rooms that permit patients to be managed in the same room rather than be transferred as their care needs change. Construction of private rooms which host only one patient at a time also promotes healing since they increase the patient’s sense of control and at the same time permit access to their social support network.
The third component of the healing hospital, integration of technology and work design, helps patients to heal faster whilst improving staff productivity. Nurses in poorly designed hospitals spend a significant proportion of their time collecting the tools and items they need to provide care, as opposed to providing care. The integration of technology and workflows is exemplified by the Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Arizona. The center is designed in a way that permits the use of technological knowledge and tools to create a healing environment, provide privacy and security to patients, and enhance staff efficiency. For instance, the hospital has elevators located at the back of its buildings which are used primarily for transferring patients from one department to another hence ensuring their privacy. The center also has state-of-the-art equipment that enables it to provide high quality services and to expedite diagnostic processes and results. For instance, physicians at the center are able to access the test results of their patients from their offices. This helps to expedite both decision making and treatment. The hospital also encourages healthy lifestyles by playing live harp music in certain departments....

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