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1. Planning is a process of determining an organization’s desired future position and the best means of getting there. Organizing is a process of designing jobs, grouping jobs into units, and establishing patterns of authority between jobs and units. This process produces the basic structure, or framework, of the organization. Leading is a process of getting the organization’s members to work together toward the organization’s goals. Controlling is a process of monitoring and correcting the actions of the organization and its members to keep them directed toward their goals.

2. The interpersonal roles are primarily social in nature; that is, they are roles in which the manager’s main ...view middle of the document...

3. Technical skills are skills necessary to accomplish specific tasks within the organization. The manager uses Interpersonal skills to communicate with, understand, and motivate individuals and groups. Conceptual skills are the manager’s ability to think in the abstract. A manager with strong conceptual skills is able to see the “big picture.” That is, she or he can see opportunity where others see roadblocks or problems. Diagnostic skills allow managers to understand cause-and-effect relationships and to recognize the optimal solutions to problems.

4. Globalization is the internationalization of business activities and the shift toward an integrated global economy. Workforce diversity refers to the important similarities and differences among the employees of organizations. Technology refers to the methods used to create products, including both physical goods and intangible services. Technological change has become a major driver for other forms of organization change. Ethics are a person’s beliefs regarding what is right or wrong in a given situation. Corporate governance refers to the oversight of a public corporation by its board of directors. New Employment Relationships- A final significant area of environmental change that is particularly relevant for businesses today involves what we call new employment relationships. Two particularly important areas today involve the management of knowledge workers and the outsourcing of jobs to other businesses, especially when those businesses are in other countries. Managing temporary and contingency workers and tiered workforces is also becoming increasingly complex. Knowledge workers are those employees who add value in an organization simply because of what they know. Outsourcing is the...

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