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Has Society Benefited From The Rapid Advancement Of Technology?

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EN 1320 Composition I

Has Society Benefited from the Rapid Advancement of Technology?

Technology has interwoven itself so deeply into our everyday lives that it would be hard to imagine life without it. Militaries around the world have benefited from the advances of technology, especially Hitler’s Armies during World War II. Hitler’s scientists created the rocket with the intention of firing missiles at the U.S.; now rockets can also be used to launch space shuttles into orbit. There have also been many technological achievements in the field of medicine over the last century; from creating vaccines for potentially deadly diseases like small pox and polio to ...view middle of the document...

The internet has become one of mankind’s best inventions, quite possibly the greatest invention since the wheel, and it has War or more accurately the threat of war with the U.S.S.R. to thank for its birth. The rest of the world quietly and perhaps inadvertently thanks War as well. Because of the exponential advances of the Internet, mainly fueled by the power of consumer wants and military need, we now have the world’s information literally at our fingertips. We can also visually communicate with each other over the internet from almost anywhere on the planet and receive worldwide news coverage on any event at near real-time.
Military necessities also created RADAR and nowadays no military in the world can function without it. RADAR helps protect our great nation from enemies that want to harm or humble us. This major advancement in military science also led to the creation of stealth technology. The idea for the microwave oven spawned from an event involving RADAR. A scientist named Percy L. Spencer took notice when he stood near a magnetron, a device used to power RADAR sets, with a chocolate bar in his pocket. The magnetron put out microwaves that melted the candy bar in his pocket. Spencer immediately began to investigate and then experiment with microwaves. He quickly concluded that they could be used to rapidly heat items such as food and at much faster rate than a conventional oven; the rest, as they say, is history.
Medical advancements over the past century have also positively contributed to our society; advancements in the fields of disease control and bio-warfare, life-saving surgical practices, and the use of robotics in surgery. Medical science has created vaccines for many diseases and viruses which were untreatable during a good part of the 1900’s; potentially deadly diseases such as smallpox and polio. Organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention work tirelessly to keep us safe from global pandemics like the Bird Flu virus. Terrorists and rogue countries would love to unleash a bioengineered virus on the U.S., but thanks to our advancements in technology and science we can fight back by taking the terror out of terrorists. With knowledge and the right equipment and items we can keep our citizens safe from harm.
May 6th, 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of the first successful open-heart operation performed with the use of the heart-lung machine in 1953. This breakthrough advancement performed by Dr. John Gibbon was one of the pioneering medical events of the 20th century. Beginning with this case, generations of cardiac surgeons have been able to successfully operate on millions of human hearts and correct a large variety of fatal defects. (Cohn, 2168) Prior to May 1953, the thought of performing open-heart surgery was for the most part a trying and risky procedure with an extremely high mortality rate, even for the most renowned doctors at the time. After witnessing a patient die from heart...

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