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There were many definitions given on what really art means. Some of them defined art as a “skill” and was derived from the Latin word “ars”. Over the years, the actual meaning of Art has changed. In medieval times, it was used to refer only to “liberal arts” as a field of education for free men. But then, no one of this really gives the exact definition of art.
We will try to define art in our own way and understanding. Art is a complex ad effective means of expression of thoughts and emotions of people in a society. We say it complex because it is actual ...view middle of the document...

Art provides another way of expressing and connecting with our peers through our personal growth and experience. Our present day life is not at all different. When we take a look at the kitchen wares, the plates, spoon, the food packaging, the jeepney and buses, the structure of a building, the chairs and tables and even a simple thing in our surroundings, we say that art pervades almost everything around us.
The illustration below represents what art really is. That kind of art was taken at Hiraya Gallery in Manila last summer. When we first saw it I knew that it was done by an artist who has a great experience on art. The designs, the materials used by the artist were peculiar. What came to my mind when I saw it was it is a work of a great artist that does not appear disjointed, complicated and confusing. It has a harmony and a unity because all the parts were form as a whole. An art that develops point of interest that pull the viewer’s eye. The artist was able to achieve variety because of the use of different shapes, textures, colors and the values in his work. It is a masterpiece that has an extremely influential style and it portray such a way to express the inner state of the artist.
As a whole. Art was made because it is a part of being human. A talent we all have though it may be more developed in some than in others. An art that is universal and a life-long pursuit of man in day-to-day life. And an art that can enlarge or trivialize the imagination among people.

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