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Harassment In The Workplace Essay

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Unit title
Delivering Learning and Development Activities
Credit value
Unit code
Unit review date
Sept. 2011
Purpose and aim of unit
This core unit will provide the knowledge and skills required to deliver planned learning and development (L&D) activities, for example one-to-one, small group and large group sessions. The need for learning and development arises for diverse reasons, including both individual self-assessment and organisational assessment. A learning and development needs analysis may identify organisational challenges or problems affecting employees, for example major organisational change; the introduction of new operations or systems and/or the ...view middle of the document...

The content is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive but should enable achievement of the learning outcomes.
1 Be able to create an environment conducive to learning.
Overview of current legislation and codes of practice; the creation of a positive learning environment; characteristics of adult learners; learning cycle; learning styles; establishing learning outcomes from a learning needs assessment prioritised according to need; accommodating differences in learning styles, individual needs and personalities; group dynamics; planning the physical environment.
Organisational and process decisions may include, but are not limited to: pre-course welcome; use of ‘icebreakers’/warm-up methods; physical layout; venue details; establishment of interactive opportunities; creation of rapport; ground rules; resources; session plan; balancing individual and group needs; handling behavioural and environmental disruptions; considering ease of access; addressing matters of confidentiality.
2 Be able plan and deliver a learning and development activity to individuals and groups.
Understanding how the learning cycle and session plans underpin effective training; setting aims and learning outcomes; selecting content and any resources that may be required; how to provide a clear introduction with participants advised of learning outcomes; sequencing of activities and intended assessment and evaluation processes; summarising; overview of different delivery methods, for example ‘taught’, e-learning, and so on.
The body of the session may include delivering information; explanation; demonstration; seeking opinion; different types of interaction; practice; consolidation; effective questioning.
The conclusion of the session involves a summary of the main points and also creates a link to next session where appropriate.
Trainer qualities and skills, including a range of interpersonal skills such as questioning; listening; feedback; and allowing the learners the opportunity to practise; awareness of personal presentation style and skills including language and non-verbal communication; techniques to manage group dynamics; monitoring and checking individual learning.
Types and relative merits of different learning resources.
3 Know how to review learning and development activities.
Choosing an assessment method; participant feedback is sought and analysed with regards to organisation; delivery, content, location, practice opportunities to make possible refinements for future delivery; brief reference to purposes and methods of evaluation.
CIPD unit 3DLA - Version 2
Unit assessment
To achieve this unit, the evidence the...

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