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Happy Thoughts Are The Secret To A Happy Life

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A lot of research has been done during the last decade to understand the role of positive thinking on health and death. Current studies revealed that stress can trigger irregular heart beats that can lead to sudden death. It is no mystery that stress causes a lot of issues. A new research has studied over 600 people with heart diseases. Their assignment was to complete a survey about their mood and overall attitude. The results were clear; people with the highest scores of happiness were more likely to exercise and were less likely to die during a five-year follow-up period.1 Thoughts are very powerful - the sooner we realize that the sooner we can start living the life of our dreams.

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This is possible by doing EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) or so called “ tapping.'' It is a process that helps to change our believe system (programs) in our sub-conscience mind. EFT is based on a energy system of acupuncture meridians that was discovered by the Chinese about 5,000 years ago. Life energy comes in many forms : In sunlight, water, and food, but also through good music, physical touch and words of kindness. All these forms of energy energize us and enhance the flow of dopamine. Sometimes this energy is intermittent and we experience its effects in forms of unease or pain. With physical tapping at specific points on your body the energy system can be balanced . Our fingertips have points where the three main energy channels meet. While tapping emotions are given attention and are gradually released. To understand the energy disruption better is to think of it as a river with many tributaries. Usually, if there is pollution that wash debris into the water, the current can continue to flow and carry it away. But if it permanent gets flushed in there, the current would not be able to keep up. Thereafter stagnation can occur blocking the flow of the water. Water gathers in some areas (excess energy) and some areas do not get water at all (energy deficiency). This can be compared to continual stress accumulating over time or dramatic unresolved emotional trauma. Therefore, EFT is a great tool to release any tensions and anxiety feelings. 2

A serious illness can take away the hope of a happy life. However, the right attitude can turn your world around. Louise Hay, author of the book “ You can heal your life” was diagnosed with cancer and had a 50% chance of surviving. She believes the cancer occurred due to her traumatic childhood, and her resentment made her prone to cancer. Because she was sexually abused, it was ''expected'' that the disease would develop in her vagina. She asked the doctors to wait for six months before undertaking any treatment. Louise started eating very healthily, did a lot of praying and constant visualization of a stream of crystal-clear water healing her entire body. Additionally, she let go of the hatred she had felt for her parents. Most oncologist would disclaim the idea of curing cancer by positive thinking. Though, according to Hay, six months later her doctors declared she was cured.. 3

Gayle A. Sulik, a social science researcher and writer affiliated with the University at Albany (SUNY) Department of Women’s Studies stated: ''positive thinking may help people to feel better...

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