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Hank Kolb, Director Of Quality Assurance

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Case Report
Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance

Group 17
Navid Razavi
Frederike Schmidt

The Case “Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance” is about a production line of an industrial product plant, called “Greasex”. The text deals with several manufacturing problems, within the production of spraying cans for the high-technology sector, of “Greasex”, which arise from the contradiction of interests between the quality and manufacturing department, due to time pressure in the production.

First of all, the spray cans of “Greasex” have a quality issue. Due to the high pressure in the cans, there is an accidental risk for customers which could lead to a fatal ...view middle of the document...

For the marketing-department, market-share and short delivery times seem to be more important than the quality of the end product and as a result the manufacturing department missed to perform appropriate quality checks.
The most critical quality issue is the general attitude towards the product quality in all departments. It is obvious that the different departments are not aware of their impact on the other departments and the general product quality. The departments are mostly trying to reach their short-term goals without thinking about a long-term strategy, which would be most healthy for the whole company. An example would be that the manufacturing department tries to fit the bad quality plastic nozzles of the supplier to the cans by an increase of the application pressure, instead of trying to order the nozzles earlier, so the supplier has time to improve the quality of the nozzles. Another option would be to search for a new supplier who can produce with a higher quality.
The most relevant opportunities for the quality improvement of “Greasex” would be the proper improvement of the machine and quality check. These two non-value-added steps have a big impact on the overall performance of...

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