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Handwriting Analysis

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‘Handwriting Analysis’
A New Tool in
Recruitment and Selection

Handwriting Analysis: A New Tool in Recruitment and Selection.
By Vivek V Phadke(


Effective recruitment and selection are critical to organisational success. They enable organisations to have high performing employees who are also satisfied with their job, thus contributing positively to the organisation’s bottom line. On the contrary poor recruitment and selections often results in mismatches, which can have negative consequences for the organisation. A misfit who is not in tune with the organisation’s philosophies and goals can damage production, customer satisfaction, and relationships with suppliers ...view middle of the document...

First, with an astounding volume of resumes flooding the market, employers are faced with the voluminous task of screening and filtering applicants. A large amount of their time is therefore spent in filtering out unqualified applicants rather than picking the desired one. Second, the availability of few applicants with relevant skills and required knowledge.

Considering above facts, employers follow certain ground rules for successful recruitment and ensure formulation of attractive recruiting strategies.

After sourcing for target candidates, the load of recruiting is not relieved until the most suitable candidate for the job has been identified, assessed and selected. The success of sourcing is ineffective if employers fail to narrow the group of prospects to pick the most optimal candidate.

Research in the United States shows that Organisations with effective selecting systems can better identify and hire employees with the right skills and motivation to succeed in the position. When employees are successful in their job, organisations benefit through increased productivity, higher quality products and services as well as lesser employee turnover.

Methods to overcome the challenges of Recruitment and Selection.

Selection tools that assess variable directly related to job draw inferences about the candidate’s future performance. The closer the selection tools are related to the job and with the greater ability to test the coverage of required knowledge skills and abilities, higher the predictability of candidate’s future job performance.
Employers generally use a combination of selection tools to assess fitness between the Candidate, his / her job, the Group and the Organisation.

Following are the recognised tools for selection in practice

|Selection Tool |Description of the selection |Validity |
|Work Sample |Tests in which candidates actually perform a part of the job so that |High validity in |
| |success in doing the part of the job can be determined. |Assessing candidate- |
| | |Job fit |
|Cognitive Tests |Cognitive tests or General Mental Ability assessment differentiates |High validity in assessing |
| |candidates on mental ability that is required of the job. |Candidate-job fit |
|Structured Interview |Structured Interviews ensure that questions are Job-related, thereby |High validity in assessing |
| |contributing to the correspondence between selection methods and |Candidate-job fit. |
| |suitability of the candidate selected. ...

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