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Hands Out For Typhoon Essay

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Understanding typhoon
The atmosphere of the earth is a layer of gases that surround it.This gaseous layer protects life on earth by absorbing ultraviolet radiation, and warming the suface through heat retention (called green house effect) .Air is the name given to the atmosphere that living things breathe and is used for photosynthesis.
TROPICAL TYPHOON: -Is a storm system characterized by counterclockwise rotating air mass around a central called core (or eye) that a low pressure. -Is called typhoon or hurricane,depending on what specific region this stormy system occurs. -is the generic term for a non-frontal synoptic scale low-pressure system over tropical or sub-tropical ...view middle of the document...

Hurricanes are found near the tropical zone, over warm waters in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. | Northwest Pacific Ocean west of the International Date Line |
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There are many theories of the origin of the English word typhoon. comes from and appears to related in pronouncation from the mandarin word , TAI FENG which literally means “great or big wind”.Other possible origins of the word typhoon came from greek name TYPHON for god of wind,or in arabic,hindi and persian name TUFAN. On other hand hurricane came from the Spanish word HURUCAN that means “Storm”
In the Philippines , typhoons are called Bagyo , a Filipino word that arose after the storm .Tropical cyclones entering the Philippine Area of Responsibility are given a local name by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), which also raises public storm signal warnings as deemed necessary. Around 19 tropical cyclones or storms enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility in a typical year and of these usually 6 to 9 make landfall.
The Philippines is the most-exposed large country in the world to tropical cyclones, and it has even affected settlement patterns in the northern islands; for example, the eastern coast of Luzon is very sparsely populated.

A tropical cyclone can generate winds by feeding moisture and heat to the eye. Moisture and Heat came from the air updrafts that rise rapidly, condensing the water vapor, thus, releasing heat through the process of convention. The continuous supply of moisture and heat causes the increase in the cyclone’s intensity. There are the six main requirements for a typhoon to form and develop: an abundance of warm water, an ocean water temperature of 26.5 °C (79.7 °F) spanning from the surface up to a depth of at least 50 meters (160 ft.) or more, high humidity , low vertical wind shear, and an optimal location for typhoon development, which is 500 km (300 mi) from the Equator for the Coriolis effect to cause the powerful wind to spin. If any one of these requirements were below averageor minimum, a tropical cyclone would not form. When warm water mixes with the cold air, a low-pressure system forms and this serves as the basis for a typhoon formation. The heat that is released when most air from the surface of ocean water condenses powers of the wind circulation. Once the typhoon has developed, it needs to be continuously fed; therefore, high humidity is very much neede to supply thr abudance of water...

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