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Hallmark Essay

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Mushroom is a large reproductive structure of edible fungi, which is the most popular nutritious, delicious and medicinal vegetable in the world. It is now one of the promising concepts for crop diversification in Bangladesh. The climatic condition of Bangladesh is completely suitable for mushroom cultivation. It does not require any cultivable land. It can grow in room by racking vertically. Therefore, its yield as well as benefit per unit area is higher than any other vegetable in our country. It requires short time, little capital and easy technique for cultivation. This is why all types of people like male and female, youth and old even children and disabled can easily ...view middle of the document...

The spent substrate can then be composed and applied directly back to the soil. This publication includes resources for entrepreneurs who wish to do further research. Many people are intrigued by mushroom nutritional and medicinal properties, in addition to their culinary appeal. Mushroom contains many essential amino acids. As a group, Mushroom also contains some unsaturated fatty acids; provide several of the B vitamins, and vitamin D.  Mushroom are nutritious: They are a good source of B vitamins, especially niacin and riboflavin, and rank the highest among vegetables for protein content.
1.1 Origin of the Report
This report has been formulated to partially fulfill the course requirement of MBA program. Under supervision of Mr. Murad Hasan, Sr. Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, SoutheastUniversity.
1.2 Objectives of the study
The main objectives of the study are as follows:
* To create awareness about the Mushroom among people
* To know and explore the cultivation in Bangladesh
* To make our economy strong by exporting Mushroom product
* To learn some important aspects like Management aspects- a controlled management, Marketing aspects- make profit with consumer satisfaction, financial aspects- arrange the financial support, and Socio-economic aspects- make people aware about good or bad products with reasonable price.
1.3 Sources of Data
Report is based upon both primary and secondary sources of data. Those information stated in the below-
Primary Sources:
A primary source is a document, recording or other source of information that was created at roughly the time being studied, by an authoritative source, usually one with direct personal knowledge of the events being described. Primary sources are described as those sources closest to the origin of the information or idea under study and the original materials on which other research is based. They are usually the first formal appearance of results in the print or electronic literature (for example, the first publication of the results of scientific investigations is a primary source.). They present information in its original form, neither interpreted nor condensed nor evaluated by other writers. They are from the time period (for example, something written close to when what it is recording happened is likely to be a primary source.) Primary sources present original thinking; report on discoveries, or share new information.
I have collected some information from the following primary sources:
* Collected information by talking with the owners who are involved in the relevant business.
* Make interview with Bangladesh ‘krisi unnyan & Somprosaron kandra’ Savar.
* Get information from the customer by survey and direct talking.
* Collected information from our potential retailers about our source of goods.
* Financial institutions
* Technical expertise
* Get information by fieldwork.
* Roots and...

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