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Haircuts Essay

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An Insight Into Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a creation of a highly interactive computer based multimedia environment in which the user becomes a participant with the computer in a "virtually real" world1

We are living in an era characterized by 3D virtual systems created by computer graphics. In the concept called Virtual Reality (VR), the virtual reality engineer is combining computer, video, image-processing, and sensor technologies so that a human can enter into and react with spaces generated by computer graphics.

In 1969-70, a MIT scientist went to the University of Utah, where he began to work with vector generated graphics. He built a see-through helmet ...view middle of the document...

The Eyephone is a head mounted stereo display that shows a computer made virtual world in full color and 3D.

The Eyephone technology is based on an experimental Virtual Interface Environment Workstation (VIEW) design. VIEW is a head-mounted stereoscopic display system with two 3.9 inch television screens, one for each eye. The display can be a computer generated scene or a real environment sent by remote video cameras. Sound effects delivered to the headset increase the realism.

It was intended to use the glove and software for such ideas as a surgical simulation, or "3D virtual surgery" for medical students. In the summer of 1991, US trainee surgeons were able to practice leg operations without having to cut anything solid. NASA Scientists have developed a three-dimensional computer simulation of a human leg which surgeons can operate on by entering the computer world of virtual reality. Surgeons use the glove and Eyephone technology to create the illusion that they are operating on a leg.

Other virtual reality systems such as the Autodesk and the CAVE have also come up with techniques to penetrate a virtual world. The Autodesk uses a simple monitor and is the most basic visual example for virtual reality. An example where this could be used is while exercising. For example, Autodesk may be connected to an exercise bike, you can then look around a graphic world as you pedal through it. If you pedal fast enough, your bike takes off and flies.

The CAVE is a new virtual reality interface that engulfs the individual into a room whose walls, ceiling, and floor surround the viewer with virtual space. The illusion is so powerful you won't be able to tell what's real and what's not. Computer engineers seem fascinated by virtual reality because you can not only program a world, but in a sense, inhabit it.

Mythic space surrounds the cyborg, embracing him/her with images that seem real but are not. 2 The sole purpose of cyberspace virtual reality technology is to trick the human senses, to help people believe and uphold an illusion.

Virtual reality engineers are space makers, to a certain degree they create space for people to play around in.3 A space maker sets up a world for an audience to act directly within, and not just so the audience can imagine they are experiencing a reality, but so they can experience it directly. "The film maker says, 'Look, I'll show you.' The space maker says, 'Here, I'll help you discover.' However, what will the space maker help us discover?"4

"Are virtual reality systems going to serve as supplements to our lives, or will individuals so miserable in their daily existence find an obsessive refuge in a preferred cyberspace? What is going to be included, deleted, reformed, and revised? Will virtual reality systems be used as a means of breaking down cultural, racial, and gender barriers between individuals and thus nurture human values?"5

During this...

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