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Hair Dye Essay

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Revlon ColorSilk

For those who dye their hair very often, Revlon’s “ColorSilk” might be the best hair dye product to purchase for the job. Revlon’s hair dye is very affordable and promises to give consumers “natural-looking, even color from root to tip” and better looking hair. Also this product is safe to handle as it is ammonia-free.
Revlon truly gives customers a bang for their buck by giving them many different things in their hair dyeing kit. Revlon provides an after-color conditioner, ammonia-free colorant, cream color developer and an instruction manual all for two to three dollars everywhere. This product fulfills their promise by giving a brilliant and vibrant color to the hair. And definitely makes the hair look natural from the root to the tip of the hair. By dyeing the hair with ...view middle of the document...

A faded color hair indicates that the product has left the hair’s cuticle open, leading to a hair that is brittle and very dry. Another bad thing is that one of the amino acids of the hair, called Tyrosine, gets damaged by any hair care product containing ammonia. The absence of Tyrosine then reduces the ability of the hair to preserve its natural color.
Although Revlon’s product ensures a healthy hair it isn’t the perfect answer for hair treatment and there are some other steps that are needed to keep the moist healthy look. In order to keep a clean healthy looking hair, the hair needs to be treated with hot hair oil or deep conditioner once a week. Also, the one area that Revlon’s hair dye fails is that the product known to be a permanent hair dye is not all that permanent, thus making customers continuously purchasing and using their products in order to keep that hair color. And this might be due to the product being ammonia-free ensuring customer’s safety.
After using this product myself, I can definitely say that Revlon’s “ColorSilk” hair dye is worth every penny for the price by providing a natural even look. But, due to some of the downfall of this product, it is recommended for short term hair dye with a little extra care. Also, the product is definitely for the penny pinchers because it is one of the cheapest hair dye options out there and is safe for anyone to handle because it is ammonia-free.

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