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Gun Laws In The U.S Essay

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“Gun Laws in the U.S.”
“Guns don’t kill people, people do!” This slogan is used by many gun right advocates in America today. I couldn’t agree more! People kill people during the commission of crimes, in the heat of passion, or through a series of innocent, yet deadly mistakes. Gun right advocates continuously lobby the legislature into submitting bills that would allow John Q. Public to legally carry firearms onto college campuses. Firearm possession does nothing more than create a false sense of security to their owners. Nevertheless, gun right advocates believe they can make it safer and reduce crime by introducing firearms into the campus environment. This introduction is not ...view middle of the document...

The initial study which studied county crime data nationwide from 1977 to 1992, Lott and Mustard found that after enacting concealed-carry laws, states saw a marked reductions in violent crime (Grace, 2006, p 1). However, in 2004, the National Academy of Science took a closer look at the concealed-weapons studies and concluded that flaws in methodologies, difficulties with data collection, and conflicting findings rendered the studies inconclusive. The academy’s conclusion: There’s “no credible evidence that that passage of right-to-carry laws decreased or increases violent crime” (Grace, 2006, p 1). Often times, “gun toters” become victims of crime themselves. In recent years, there have been several documented incidences where armed citizens become targets for criminals or are robbed of their prized possession, their firearm. Data can be a double-edged sword in the gun debate. Statistics do little to indicate that guns reduce crime, but overwhelming statistics indicate that the mishandling of firearms cost hundreds of lives annually.
Thirdly, accidental discharges and poor target acquisition inflict injuries and take lives on a daily basis. According to the University of Utah, 600 people in the United States were killed in accidental deaths from firearms in 2010. The University of Utah also reported that approximately 200,000 people sustain non-fatal injuries from firearms each year (West, 2012, p 1). Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk reported a woman with a concealed handgun permit was...

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