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Gun Control Essay

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The libertarian view is that “by right every individual is in charge of his or her own life. We all have the right to live as we choose, as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others to live as they choose. In particular, we have rights to life, liberty and property, and each of these rights serves as a “no trespassing” signs against interference by governments as well as others individuals. The only role of the government is to protect those rights.” (John Hospers)
These civil rights are strongly supported by libertarians that argue gun regulations are unconstitutional. The libertarian argument against gun control is simple; the government is infringing us of our rights. As the Amendment clearly states (A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free ...view middle of the document...

Libertarians agree with the majority of Americans who believe they have the right to decide how best to protect themselves, their families and their property. Millions of Americans have guns in their homes and sleep more comfortably because of it. The police do not provide security in your home, your business or the street. They show up after the crime to take reports and do detective work. The poorer the neighborhood, the riskier it is for peaceful residents.
Only an armed citizenry can be present in sufficient numbers to prevent or deter violent crime before it starts, or to reduce its spread. A criminal is more likely to be driven off from a particular crime by an armed victim than to be convicted and imprisoned for it. Criminals will not give up their guns. But, many law-abiding citizens will, leaving them defenseless against armed criminals. As libertarians argue, we as citizens have the right to life and property.
Therefore, I support the libertarian view against the gun regulation. Guns are not the problem. They are inanimate objects. Gun control advocates talk as if guns could act on their own, as if human beings cannot control them, so the uncontrollable guns must be banished. Let us put the responsibility where it belongs, on the owner and user of the gun. If he or she acts responsibly, without attacking on others or causing injury neglectfully, no crime or harm has been done. If a person commits a crime with a gun, then enforce the penalties for the injuries done to the victim. Similarly, hold the neglectful gun user fully liable for all harm his negligence does to others.
Rather than banning guns, the politicians and the police should encourage gun ownership, as well as education and training programs. A responsible, well-armed and trained citizen is the best protection against crime.

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