Gujarat Technological University Syllabus For New Mba Program Effective From Academic Year 2011 12 Mba I Semester I

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Gujarat Technological University
Syllabus for New MBA Program effective from Academic Year 2011-12
MBA I Semester I
Accounting for Managers (AFM) 1. Course Objective: The objective of the course is to acquaint the students with the language of Accounting and to develop in them the ability to evaluate and use accounting data as an aid to decision making. The main purpose is to assist the students in developing skills in problem solving and decision making in the financial area. Emphasis is laid on analysis and utilization of financial and accounting data for planning and control. 2. Course Duration: The course duration is of 36 sessions of 75 minutes each i.e. 45 hours. 3. Course Contents: ...view middle of the document...

Evaluation: A B C Projects/Assignments/Quiz/Class Participation, etc. Mid-Semester Examination End-Semester Examination (Min. 30% Theory and Mon. 70% Practical) Weightage (50%) (Internal Assessment) Weightage (30%) (Internal Assessment) Weightage (70%) (External Assessment)

6. Basic Text Books: Sr. No. Author Name of the Book Financial Accounting Financial Accounting Financial Accounting For Managers Publisher Year of Publication 2011 Latest


R. Narayan Swami



V. Rajsekaran & R. Lalitha

Pearson Education Taxmann

2011 Latest


T. P. Ghosh

2011 Latest

Note: Wherever the standard books are not available for the topic appropriate print and online resources, journals and books published by different authors may be prescribed.

7. Reference Books: Sr. No. Author Name of the Book Publisher Year of Publication 2011 Latest

R1 R2

Shankar Narayan Rushikesh Bhattacharya Mohan Rao

Financial Accounting Total Management by Ratios Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting


Sage Publications Latest



2011 Latest


Ambrish Gupta

Financial Accounting for Management –: An Analytical Perspective Accounting for Management Financial Accounting – A Managerial Emphasis Basic Accounting for Management

Pearson Education

3rd Edition 2009


S. K. Bhattacharya , John Dearden Ashok Bannerjee

Vikas Publishing House Excel Books

Third revised Edition 2008 Latest Edition



Paresh Shah

Oxford Higher Education,New Delhi 2008

Latest Edition


Robert N Anthony, David F Hawkins S N Maheshwari, S K Maheshwari

Accounting: Text and Case A Text Book of Accounting for Management Financial Accounting for Management

The McGraw- Hill 12th Edition companies Vikas Publishing, New Delhi Latest Edition



Ramachandran Kakani

TATA McGraw Hill

2011 Latest

8. List of Journals/Periodicals/Magazines/Newspapers, etc. The Students will have to refer to past issues of the following journals in order to get relevant topic/ information pertaining to the subject. 1. The Chartered Accountant 2. The Management Accountant 3. The Chartered Secretary 4. Journal of Finance 5. Business India / Business Today / Business World 6. “Vikalpa” – Journal of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

9. Session Plan: Session Nos. 1 2 3 4-7 Topics to be covered Basic understanding of accounting Accounting Concepts & Conventions Conceptual framework of financial statements, Accounting Policies Journal Entries and preparation of accounts - Trial Balance to Balance sheet and profit and loss Account, Recognition of Income and Expenses, Provisions, Contingent Liabilities & Assets Accounting Standards and Applicability: Disclosure of Accounting Policies (AS-1), Valuation of Inventories (AS-2), 10-11 12-14 Depreciation Accounting (AS-6), Income Recognition & Accrual Income (AS-9), Accounting of Fixed Assets (AS-10), Accounting for Intangible Assets (AS-26),...

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