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Guidelines For Developing Competencies Essay

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GUIDELINES FOR DEVELOPING COMPETENCIES Format: 1. Begin with a present tense action verb. (Example: Convert picas to points and inches.) 2. Each action verb requires an object. (Example: Identify bacteria, fungi, and parasites.) (Verb followed by object) Each competency is measurable and/or observable. (Example: Describe general methods of child study by describing such procedures as longitudinal study, case study and correlational study.) Each competency is based on performance. (Example: Evaluate literacy genre from a historical perspective by comparing and contrasting the literary works in the 19th Century.) Do not use evaluative or relative adjectives. (Do not use words like good, ...view middle of the document...

Verbs may be used in several domains.

(Examples of Verbs Often Used to Write Competencies) PSYCHOMOTOR DOMAIN

Adjust Apply Assemble Build Calibrate Change Clean Combine Compose Compute Connect Construct Correct Create Debug Display Insert Install Map Operate Probe Repair Shade Transform Troubleshoot

Arrange Code Control Design Dismantle Display Drill Encapsulate Expand Fasten Fix Follow Frame Graph Grind Hammer Heat Input Interface Loop Maintain Organize Punch Support Switch Transmit Work

Administer Book Clip Derive Draw Focus Handle Identify Introduce Locate Manipulate Mend Mix Modify Nail Paint Preserve Point Sand Transport

Conduct Document Encircle Graph Pull Push Regulate Sculpt Set Sketch Slide Start Stir Transfer Use Vend Vocalize Weigh Work

* The levels of learning may vary depending upon use of verb. Verbs may be used in several domains.

VERB LIST (Examples of Verbs Often Used to Write Learning Competencies) AFFECTIVE DOMAIN Levels of Learning...

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